So what is the truth about CBD? Well, at the time of posting this, CBD is something you’re hearing about all of the time.

They’re talking about it as helping so many different issues.

From my perspective, it seems kinda like it’s being pushed as some sort of magical cure to alleviate all sorts of ailments.

And you know that something has hit a cultural tipping point when they start including it in foods, drinks, and even chewing gum.

So then what is the truth about CBD?

Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Well, I brought in one of the smartest dudes I know, Dr. Mike T. Nelson to break it all down for you. And he didn’t disappoint.

Now, if you’ve been following this site for any length of time then you know the focus is on entrepreneurs/ high-achievers being happy and fulfilled and…

Not being miserable bastards where the only focus is on more money, hustling, and working more.

And so that means diving down the rabbit hole of anything that may help.

That includes everything from psychedelics to therapy, to meditation.

And since CBD seems to be something that can help I wanted to bring in a true expert to share the truth about it.

Now, there is some “sciencey” stuff in this but it’s all broken down so you can understand it.

Listen Below To The Truth About CBD

Episode Highlights

  • What CBD actually is.
  • What type of REAL benefits it has.
  • Who should and shouldn’t be taking it.
  • How CBD impacts the body and the brain.
  • Where the promise really is when it comes to CBD.
  • How Dr. Mike got interested in it.
  • How much you should actually be taking at a time.
  • How much you can you use daily.
  • How much of a role the placebo effect takes place.
  • What is the best delivery system to use it with.
  • What are some of the “shady” things going on with the CBD industry.
  • Why it can cost so much.
  • How to tell if the CBD you’re using is legit.
  • What type of companies to look for when buying any CBD products.
  • What a COA is and why it’s important.
  • Who Dr. Mike recommends for CBD.

And yeah, this is jam-packed with some really good info. I know I learned a lot about it by interviewing Dr. Mike.

Hopefully, this helps breakdown the truth about CBD for you as well.