So what’s the truth about psychedelics? Can they really make the changes you hear about in the headlines? Or is it just a bunch of crap.?

Well, ever since I shared the podcast “Can Psychedelics Help Entrepreneurs?” I’ve had quite a few conversations about what the truth is on them.

Since I’m so new to it and I can only discuss what I know from my personal experience…

I figured it would better to bring on someone who has experience in this area. That is Dimitri Mugianis.

And his expertise is not only from his own personal experiences (there is some of that) but it’s been from helping others who have gone through their own psychedelic experiences.

Now, if you’re curious about the “medicinal” side of things and have looked into it, I’m sure you’ve heard the incredible stories about the benefits and results.

Well, in this podcast with Dimitri we talk the truth about psychedelics. It’s not all about the amazing experiences, we also talk about the dangers, the bad “trips” that happen, and who these are not for.

So if you are curious about psychedelics, and/ or thinking about venturing down that route this is going to be a very interesting podcast for you.

There’s no sugar coating anything and Dimitri is very open about what he’s seen. Both the good and the bad.

And if you have questions about them, hopefully, this podcast will help.

Ready For The Truth About Psychedelics? Listen To The Podcast Below!

Episode Highlights

  • What Dimitri thinks about the increased interest in psychedelics lately.
  • How he got started in psychedelics.
  • How his life was changed because of them.
  • Why they are NOT for everyone.
  • Who they are actually beneficial for.
  • What the pros are to “plant medicines.”
  • What the cons are.
  • Why he feels there has been an explosion of interest in them lately.
  • How psychedelics are not the actual solution for problems.
  • What type of role “expectations” has played in the resurgence of psychedelics?
  • How to help lessen the chances of having a bad trip.
  • Why doing your own research on this is so important.
  • What psychedelics really do for people.
  • Why the follow-up process is crucial to the benefit of psychedelics.
  • What type of changes and results he’s seen within “high-achievers” and entrepreneurs.
  • Who can help you AFTER you’ve had an experience.

So if you are researching all of this, or are just curious here are some resources to check out.

Dimitri’s website…
Multi-Disciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies –
Brian Murphy –

Hopefully, this podcast helps clarify some of the questions that are out there and the truth about psychedelics.

Feel free to check out the links above for more resources.


This podcast and the people/ resources included in it are provided as an informational resource only. We do not support/condone illegal behavior of any kind. Visitors/listeners to this podcast and others viewing this site are solely responsible for their own mental, psychological, physical and legal consequences if choosing to experience psychedelics. By reading and listening to this podcast you agree that, The Other Side Of Being An Entrepreneur, it’s guests, and any person(s), businesses or entities associated with it will not be held liable for your choices and outcomes to those choices. By reading and listening to this podcast you agree to all of this.