When Paul Mort comes on a podcast to do an interview you always know it’s going to be a fun ride.

There’s a lot of energy, no holding back, and it’s entertaining.

He brings “the fire” as they say.

That’s why I always love speaking with him.

But he also delivers GOOD, useful content.

Over the years I’ve interviewed Paul a few times.  And in the previous podcast we did, we went into how he overcame MASSIVE challenges.

Bipolar issues, suicidal tendencies, and some pretty heavy stuff. But it’s been a few years since then and…

He’s seen such transformational growth that I had to have him on again to talk about it.

A quick side note…

Anytime you see someone going through massive exponential growth it’s really valuable to talk to them about it. Especially when they are happier because of it. 

That’s because that energy rubs off on others and can make a HUGE impact for them as well.

In fact, I’m writing this just after we finished our podcast, and I’m pretty energized by our conversation.

And the conversation felt like a time warp.  That’s how you always know it’s a good one.

But besides all of that…

The biggest element that stood out from this conversation is…

He’s happy and he’s loving what he is doing.

For Paul, who has had such a crazy journey, that is an amazing accomplishment. 

So in our conversation you’ll hear why this is such a big deal for him.

You’ll hear how he got to this place.

And you’ll hear how it’s taken him on one hell of an incredible journey.

Listen Here To The Evolution Of Paul Mort

Want To Watch The Interview? Check It Out Below

The Evolution Of Paul Mort Episode Highlights

  • Why Paul has shifted away from the previous “life” he was in.
  • How Paul is different now than just a year ago.
  • What has caused this massive shift for him and how it’s helped others.
  • What his most important values are.
  • What the biggest challenges and struggles are that he’s had to face.
  • Why realizing he loves attention has been a great thing for him.
  • Why saying NO has been a good thing but also very difficult. 
  • What he’s gone through to make these changes.
  • What his biggest successes have been the past year.
  • What his biggest failures have been.
  • Where his constant energy comes from.
  • Why energy is so underrated but so important.
  • Why he doesn’t have an end game with this business.
  • How his growth has changed his thoughts on journaling, meditation, and yoga.
  • How his changes have impacted his family.
  • What his thoughts are on happiness.
  • What he feels about hustling and grinding
  • How he feels about stress and managing it.
  • Why his new audiobook scared the shit out of him.
  • Why he went with an audiobook instead of a printed book.

Speaking of his book which is called, Paul Mort Will Change Your Life…

You can get a copy of it here.

And if you want to see what Paul’s up to check him out on Facebook.