Ever wanted to know what it’s like to let go completely and feel truly free?

Us entrepreneurs are a stubborn bunch. We get so emotionally tied up in what we are doing, and with the money that comes with it.

A lot of times it gets so intertwined with who we are and what we’ve built that it leads us on a path that is not right for us.

The tough part becomes how to get back on track and start feeling good again.

The simple answer is we just have to “let go,” but it’s way harder than it sounds.

And a little while back I interviewed Simon Lovell. We decided to do that interview because he was going through a a lot of these same feelings and challenges

You can listen to that interview here.

In that interview, he was very open and honest about the challenges and struggles he faced up to that point.

He even went really deep into why he faced the challenges he did.

Well, I noticed recently that Simon seemed to have made it to the other side of that transition.

He seemed to have let go.

For a month or so I watched what was going on.

From watching the videos he shared to all the other content he was putting out.

And all of it was VERY different from his previous content.

So I wanted to share his story of what it’s like to let go and feel free.

I was very curious to know…

What happened, and why did it happen?

Plus, how his followers and business changed because of this shift?

One thing I’ve seen over the years is when an entrepreneur is known for one thing and then decides to make a shift, it’s a very challenging time for them.

And it’s challenging for their original followers as well.

But Simon seemed to be handling this shift pretty well and taking everything in stride.

Everything seemed to flow for him.

And because of this, a lot more questions popped up.

Questions like…

How are your old followers handling the change?

How is your team/ employees managing the shift?

But most importantly, how is he feeling now that he made a complete 180 with his life and business?

Honestly, what he’s done is some pretty scary shit, and most entrepreneurs won’t make the type of internal shift he made because of fear.

They’ll never know what it’s like to let go.

So I had to get him on again and ask him all sorts of questions.

Here’s what’s interesting…

You can actually feel how much happier and lighter he is just by listening to him.

So I knew this would be a good interview to share with you.

Hope you enjoy it.

What It’s Like To Let Go And Feel Free With Simon Lovell

Interview Highlights

  • What type of meditation he’s done.
  • What a big theme has been in his life after transitioning.
  • Why he’s not marketing around fitness pros anymore.
  • What is still going on in his life?
  • Why he felt so “heavy.”
  • What it’s like to let go and feel free.
  • What happened when he finally let go?
  • What his spiritual connection did to him.
  • What is the “anybody else” game?
  • Why emotions are the key to everything and why listening to them is so important.
  • What happened to his old audience?
  • What fears he faces now.
  • Do the old fears still pop up?
  • How he approaches his goals now.
  • How his inner circle has changed.
  • What he thinks about his “old life.”
  • Why people don’t make it through this type of process.
  • How others can make these type of changes and feel so much better.

Now to be honest…

The transformation Simon has made has taken a long time.  It was something that was very challenging for him to go through.  Painful may be a better word.

And it’s the fear of this pain and not knowing that prevents so many entrepreneurs who are struggling on the inside to truly tackle this type of transformation.

But if you really want to know what it’s like to let go and feel free, you’re going to have to face those fears.

And if you want to know what the experience is going to be like make sure you listen to Simon’s original interview.

Then come back here and listen to part 2 of his story here.

It’s a great entrepreneurial story of what it’s like to let go and finally feel at peace with yourself.