Simon Lovell runs a very successful business that helps fitness pros not only grow their businesses but also helping them get out of their own way.

And that means…

Diving deep and looking at the true reasons that are holding his clients back.

In his work with his clients,  it’s an inside out approach.

And it’s the same approach that he’s taken personally.

But it wasn’t always like that.  Years ago there were many challenges and struggles that led to some very hard times.

Getting caught up in drugs, alcohol, and leading a life that could be a bit out of control at times.

So he realized that he needed to make some changes.

And that’s when he went full bore into diving deep.

Not hiring businesses coaches that focused only on the business side.

But investing a lot of money working with coaches, and programs that would focus on where the challenges were coming from.

And that was on the inside.

The further he went down the rabbit hole the more he started to see not just personal growth, but business growth.

The more he invested his time, money, and energy on working on the inner game, the better the results he saw in the external areas of his life.

On the business side of things…

He was able to hit the million dollar mark in only 18 months.

And in this interview, we go into all of it.

The coolest part is that Simon shared the tough personal parts of his life without hesitation.

The vulnerability he shows is a big reason why he’s seen the success he’s seen.

So if you want to sit back and hear a great story of how he overcame all of this, and how he transformed not only his life but his clients as well…

Then listen to this interview.

How Simon Lovell Found Success Through Vulnerability And Personal Development

Interview Highlights

  • What happened when he was 13 years old and how it made a major impact on his future
  • How he overcame his biggest issue
  • How he became a personal trainer
  • Why he was living two lives
  • The amount he invests in coaching and personal development
  • How his business has grown because of the changes he’s made
  • What direction his business is heading in
  • How well his business is doing
  • Why drugs and alcohol were such a big part of his life
  • The explanation of what Ayahuasca is and how it helped him
  • What Simon thinks about failure and how he approaches it.
  • What he is able to see in his clients that he didn’t see before
  • Why meditation plays a big part in his daily life
  • What the value of energy is, and how it can really help
  • Why people don’t believe in themselves
  • How to get the results you want so you can live the way you’ve dreamed about.

Here’s the thing about Simon’s story…

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who face challenging times just like Simon did. The difference between Simon and many others is that he realized the answers lied within.

No amount of money spent on business only coaches was going to fix what was wrong.

If he didn’t go inside, he may have built a financially successful business, but he would not be happy.

And it would have led to many other challenging times.

So I found this to be a fascinating interview, and one I know you’ll enjoy as well.

And if you want to know more about Simon Lovell check out what he’s up to at…