A few years back I did an interview with Ryan Lee. It was all about why he left the fitness industry and what was going on in his life that forced him to make those changes.

Well, fast forward a few years and here we are again.

Only this time…

Ryan and I have a really interesting conversation about his views on business, starting over, and how he can pivot and change direction so easily.

Not only that, we talk about what he feels is really important and what not a lot of entrepreneurs talk about.

It’s a conversation that just flows and we dive into all sorts of areas. 

Eventually we get into his latest venture Rewind, and why he decided to dive back into Freedym after moving away from it.

You’ll hear as the conversation goes on that the majority of what he creates now is simply an extension of who he is and…

What he enjoys.

If you follow Ryan at all then you know anything to do with the 1980s is a big thing with him.

You’ll hear how he uses that and incorporates it into business and why other entrepreneurs should consider focusing more on talking about their interests in their marketing.

Lastly, the one big topic that pops up a bunch during this conversation is about pivoting from one venture to the next. 

Ryan is one of the best at doing this and doing it quickly.

So hearing what he has to say about how to do it, and how to test it is extremely valuable.

And speaking of pivoting…

Ryan is going to start dabbling again around his own personal brand.

So if you want to see what he is up to then make sure to check it out at RyanLee.com

Listen To Ryan Lee’s Interview Here

Ryan’s Episode Highlights

  • How Ryan is feeling and how his health issues have been.
  • Why Ryan decided to get back into the health and fitness markets again.
  • What business he started recently and why he decided to start that.
  • Why nutrition is a main focus for this business.
  • Why finding something that excites you is important when building a business.
  • What is the most important trait you must have as an entrepreneur. 
  • What the entrepreneurial life is really like for him and everyone else.
  • Why success doesn’t mean future ventures will be successful.
  • The mindset Ryan had when going into a business he had no experience in.
  • Why entrepreneurs don’t pivot when they should.
  • Why emotional attachments can severely hold you back.
  • The reason entrepreneurs stick in a business that’s successful even though they hate it.
  • The reason why he gave up his previous business called Freedym.
  • How Ryan decides to let go of businesses and pivot.
  • Why you should not fear pivoting.
  • How he looks at starting a new business.
  • Why Ryan enjoys starting from scratch at times.
  • What the “cycle of entrepreneur” following is. 
  • Why the 1980’s theme is such a big part of his nutrition company.
  • Why it’s so important to incorporate what you love into your marketing. 
  • How passion is such a powerful tool for what you do. 
  • How getting caught up in the “guru” world crushed who he was.
  • How long it took for him to “reclaim” who he was.
  • What kind of conversion rates he has to cold traffic for his product page. 
  • How to validate your new idea after you have pivoted. 

One final note on this conversation with Ryan Lee…

If you listened to the last podcast I did with him then you’ll know that Ryan was the person who got me into the business game and helped me completely change the direction of my life. 

He’s been in the entrepreneurial world for over two decades, and you’ll hear lots of stories from others that got their start because of Ryan.

So it’s definitely worth it to REALLY listen to this open conversation with Ryan Lee. That’s because he truly has walked the walk.