So what really happened to Ryan Lee when he moved away from the fitness industry?

If you have been around the health and fitness industry for any length of time there are a few names on the marketing and business side that can be considered some of the “godfathers.”

One of those people is my guest for this episode.  That is Ryan Lee.

I’ve been following Ryan for close to 10 years now. He’s played a VERY big role in my entrepreneurial journey.

I even share how important of a role he played during the intro to the interview.


Over the years I’ve gotten to know Ryan a bit through his emails, products, courses, and events.  During that time I’ve watched his journey and how he’s grown.

What was interesting about his journey was how he decided to shift out of the fitness industry, and move into some different areas.

And during that time, this shift led to a change that I picked up on.  I could see it in his writing, in his products, events, and how he was doing things on a daily basis.

And over time I had a sense that something seemed a little “off.”  Something that didn’t seem like the Ryan I knew. I had the feeling that he was wrestling with something and that it was taking a toll on him.

So I wanted to get Ryan on the show and see if my thoughts on that were actually true or if I was just way off in what I was feeling.

And so I asked him to come on the show, and talk about this phase of his life. I asked him to open up and go deep into his story.

Because I wanted to know what was REALLY going on.

I knew since he’d been around for a while, and had a good following that others may want to know what what was going on during this time as well.

And he agreed to come on and share his story of what really happened when he made this shift in his life.

On a quick side note…

Whenever I do an interview with a person who has “been around for a while” and has a good following, I always wonder if they are willing to open up about this stuff. So I wasn’t sure if Ryan would.

But he was completely open to it, and wanted to share his story so it could help others who may be going through a similar experience.

And what you’ll hear below is the real story of Ryan Lee and what he went through during a very interesting time in his life.

So sit back and really listen to what Ryan shares in this episode.  This is one you’ll really enjoy.

Listen To What Really Happened To Ryan Lee When He Moved Away From The Fitness Industry


Ryan Lee Interview Highlights

  • Why talking about the “other side of being an entrepreneur” is so important.
  • How Ryan got into entrepreneurship.
  • Why it’s really about the lifestyle.
  • Why Ryan decided to move outside the fitness industry.
  • How moving away from the fitness industry actually changed him.
  • What his life was like during the time he was away.
  • The reasons why he got lost when he stepped away from his sweet spot.
  • What stresses he faced, and what they led to.
  • What happened to his physical and emotional health.
  • What his family life was like during this time.
  • What his biggest life changing moment was.
  • How he found his way back to what he really knew and loved.
  • What REALLY makes him happiest as a business owner.
  • How he was able to achieve peace of mind.
  • Why he believes so many entrepreneurs are afraid to be vulnerable, and why it’s a HUGE mistake to not be vulnerable.

If you want to learn more about what Ryan is up to now check out his Freedym site.

And if you’ve followed Ryan for any length of time and learned a thing or two during this episode, show him some love and leave him a comment below.