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What’s all this about?  It’s pretty simple, but it’s something that very few people are talking about and trying to help with.

Until now.

I’m guessing you’ve heard of the term “rat race” before… right?Entrepreneurial Rat Race

It has to do with employees stuck in their jobs, paying their bills, and not able to get ahead

What very few people are talking about (at least from what I know) is that there is an entrepreneurial rat race that exists as well.


Here’s the definition…

Entrepreneurial Rat Race: Blindly building a business and life that is determined by constantly working in your business. Hustling and grinding your way through the days, following what other entrepreneurs are saying needs to be done for success, and that getting what you want will happen when you reach a new level in your business.

Well, that’s my definition of it anyway.

Kind of sounds like the definition of entrepreneurship doesn’t it?

Well, if you dig a little deeper and really look into what it’s saying, it’s saying that that’s not really the best thing.

Especially if you want to be happy with what you are doing and feel fulfilled.

What very few entrepreneurs realize is that they are living in their own version of the rat race.

They 100% believe that their happiness is determined by when they reach the “next level.”

Whether that is an income goal, selling a business, or anything like that.

They also believe that by hustling and grinding, and putting in mega hours will lead to success.

In reality, that’s not necessarily true.

Finally entrepreneurs believe that they need to focus on what other entrepreneurs are telling them will lead to success.

For example…cat rat race

Getting more leads, more clients, more money, etc.

Or doing things a certain way.

All of these things add up to a vicious cycle that many entrepreneurs live day in and day out, and they don’t know how to escape it.

And when they live in this cycle for too long things begin to change.  They start having this feeling deep inside that something…

Feels “off.”

They don’t know exactly what it is at first, but they know that something inside that doesn’t feel right. 

And the more they live in this cycle the more this feeling grows.

No matter how much money they have, or how big their business is, it never gets rid of this feeling.

Many times, the more they have, the worse this feeling gets.

They question themselves.  They wonder what’s next.  They ask themselves if what they are doing is the right thing?

And since very few people actually talk about this problem or try to help entrepreneurs, the cycle continues.

And entrepreneurs believe that in time everything will work itself out.

But it won’t.

Until now. 

This site is here to help solve this.  To help entrepreneurs understand that they don’t have to live and work this way.  That they can actually feel a lot better about themselves.  And be happy with the work they are doing.

That they can do what’s in their heart and actually be O.K.

This is here to help you realize you don’t have to constantly hustle, grind, jump from business to business, just to find what you are looking for.  

And if you were to boil it all down, this is here to help you feel the way you want to.

I know a lot of people may think what I’m saying here is a bunch of crap, and entrepreneurs are the happiest people. Which many of them are.

But there is a MASSIVE segment of the entrepreneurial world that is struggling with this.

How do I know?

  1. This has been my own personal experience.
  2. There is not a week that goes by that I don’t speak with entrepreneurs about this and some version of this doesn’t come up.
  3. Every person I’ve spoken to about this, agrees this is a problem.

So after spending many years of going through this personally, and constantly working through the process, I’ve decided to share everything I’ve done that has helped me, and my clients.

I’ve worked with them, and spent a lot of time helping with these same issues. Only to find massive appreciation in seeing my clients transform and realize they don’t have to live this way. And to see them happy again.

So this site is a combination of all these things put together into one resource to help you…

Find exactly what you’re looking for, and feel great about the process. 

Now I know I should sit here and talk about how this is going to help you make more money, give you more time with your family, and all that kind of stuff.  But I’m not going to.  Why?  Because everyone else says that.  And they teach you strategies, tactics, and tricks to do that.  

But that doesn’t solve the real problem.  In reality, if you’re “feeling off” all those types of things actually makes it worse.

If you understand what is being shared here, and you work on the “real” stuff, then the money, time, success and all those things will be a byproduct of this.

So I’m not going to copywrite the hell out of this and use those angles.  Either you know or you don’t, that it’s the internal stuff that makes a difference. It’s your identity, and your mindset that determine everything!!!!

And that’s what you’ll find here.  No lead gen tactics, sales strategies, or any of that stuff… sorry!  

This is about you!  It’s about why you keep using those strategies but still feel the same way, and solving that issue for good.

So feel free to explore the site here, and if you have any questions just let me know. Oh, and if you’re interested as to why this site went in this direction, scroll down a bit to hear the personal story.

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The Personal Story…

This is not the easiest to admit but…

For most of my adult life I was unhappy and lost.  Jumping from one business to another, from one job to another all in a search to figure out who I was and what made me happy, and what made money.

No matter how much or how little money I made, it didn’t matter. I was still lost and unhappy.

All I believed at the time was that I constantly needed to keep hustling, grinding, go 110% because that is what everyone said I it took to be successful, and be happy.

So the focus was ALWAYS on…

Money, or a business with more leads, more sales, clients, and those types of things. 

What it led to was not something I expected.

It led to me lying in a hospital without about a day left to live. And a life where I now live with a chronic disease.

And it was all because I was so stressed out of my mind, unhappy, and lost.  I believed 1000% that if I kept pushing, kept grinding, kept focusing on all the things I’ve been taught that I would have it all.

And I got it all…

All of about 24 hours left to live.

I was in such bad shape that even after I survived through that incident, I still continued to live that way. 

The beliefs were so deeply engrained that I didn’t believe the way I was living my life (according to others/society) is what caused the problems.

Eventually I had a wake up call.

All it took was destroying multiple relationships, friendships, losing business partners, businesses, and more health problems until I finally realized something needed to change.

And that change is what has led to this site coming into existence.

It’s led to this point where I’m fortunate enough to now help others who are in similar situations, and help guide them to a happier, more well rounded place so they can achieve whatever they want in life.


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