What’s the truth about stress in entrepreneurs? Well the truth is, stress is like the running of bulls in Spain.  We think we have control of it, but it basically runs rampant and does whatever it wants. Sometimes trampling us down, and goring us in the process.

If I were to sum it up…

Stress is a mother f*cker!!!

And it takes a toll on any entrepreneur who let’s it hang around for too long.

I know this to be true for myself as well.

So I wanted to find someone to interview on this, but nothing really seemed to fit the bill.  So I had the idea to actually record an episode of “The Other Side Of Being An Entrepreneur” by myself.

It’s kinda strange.  I’m so used to interviewing others, but this time it was just me.

Which was fun.

But that’s not really that important lol.

What’s important is that I was able to dive into what I believe is the root cause of what really causes stress in entrepreneurs.

It’s not something I’ve heard a lot of people talk about much until the past year or so, but it felt important to go into it even more.

I also dive into a bunch of different ways to get out of a stressful state along with having yourself feeling better very quickly.

Lastly I share a few personal stories about what stress can really do.

Now I know it’s probably way more sexy to talk about getting 147 leads in 6.4 seconds or something like that, but this topic is way more important.

We’re talking about your physical and emotional health.

Without that it doesn’t matter how many leads you can get… right?

So if you’ve ever felt stress, even just the slightest bit from running your business, then this is worth a listen.

Plus this episode is shorter that the others, so you can fit it in while bangin’ out a few emails, or doing a few other simple things.

The Truth About Stress In Entrepreneurs


Episode Highlights

  • What causes stress in entrepreneurs
  • How stress shows up in entrepreneurs
  • What you can do to manage your stress better
  • How meditation plays a role in stress
  • What to do if you try to meditate and are not able to get into.
  • How or current society is set up to keep you stressed
  • What entrepreneurs have forgotten about themselves that can alleviate their stress levels.
  • What type of outlets you can use to keep stress under control
  • Why our stress and mindset priorities are backwards from what they should be.

If you want to know more about on the truth about stress, or have been dealing with some crazy stressful situations lately, this episode will offer up a few ways to help manage it.

But if you are feelin’ like it’s to the point where your consistently overwhelmed, your health is taking an ass kicking, then…

Reach out to me here.

I’ll definitely help you work through a bunch of that and get it under control.