Life transitions, business transitions… they are hard. Any sort of transition forces you to face some hard truths. Transitions pull you so far outside of your comfort zone that there are many times when you feel you’re going to break.

And some times you do.

The thing about a lot of the entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to is…

They need to transition their businesses and lives into something different.

But the transitions are so scary and the businesses they’ve built have become so big or engrained into who they are that they don’t make the changes they need to.

And because of this they constantly feel massive anxiety, pressure, and that something is just not right.

It takes a certain level of awareness and consciousness to realize that a change needs to happen.

It takes even more effort and energy to make that change.

And that is exactly what Keara Palmay did.

Over the past year or two, she’s shared what’s been going on in her life and her businesses. She has spoken about a lot of the challenges she’s faced.

And she’s had to wrestle with some pretty hefty fears.

So I wanted to speak with her about all of it and go deep into what she really was struggling with, where it was coming from, and how she managed to overcome a lot of it.

But there was another reason for this podcast.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of entrepreneurs are in the midst of massive life transitions in their lives.

Many of them feel like they are alone and they’re not exactly sure what to do to manage this.

So most of them do what they’ve been taught. They go back and bury their heads in their businesses thinking that will solve the problems. But it doesn’t. It only makes things worse.

So by bringing on Keara to talk about her experiences, struggles, and what she did to manage them…

It is my hope that other entrepreneurs who are going through big life transitions right now can see they’re not alone.

And what Keara shared about managing the ups and downs of her own transition were really helpful.

On top of that it’s a good story and it’s entertaining. 🙂

In fact, I felt myself nodding my head in agreement with so much of what she was saying.

So if you’re up for hearing a good story, and want to understand how to manage some of the bigger life and business transitions…

You’re gonna love Keara’s story.

So check it out.

Listen In To How Keara Worked Through A Huge Life Transition

Keara Palmay Interview Highlights

  • What Keara is doing now.
  • What major event happened in her life when she was a teenager that completely shifted her life.
  • Why she ended up as a life coach, fit pro, and eventually a business coach and none of them ended up being right for her.
  • Why she was addicted to investing in herself and how that actually got her into some trouble.
  • Where the addiction to constantly invest in herself came from.
  • Why she was suffering even though she was still making money and helping people.
  • How she knew it was time to make a change.
  • What was happening to her emotionally and physically when going through this big transition.
  • How she managed the ups and downs of the transition.
  • Why she decided to delete her email subscriber list.
  • What happened to her as soon as she started moving in the direction that felt right.
  • What she absolutely loves doing now and how she is incorporating it into her new direction.
  • How she feels now compared to before.
  • How she found what she “should be doing.”
  • The ways that she manages her anxiety during this time.
  • Where the strength came from to actually take the step forward and do something that she was afraid to do.
  • Why unlearning what her business mentors taught her was a good thing.
  • Why being selfish is the best thing to do during life transitions.
  • Where healing actually comes from.
  • How to make sure there is a lasting change and not have to rely on outside resources to make those changes stick.
  • How much social media actually played a role in the challenges she faced.

So if you’re into growing at any level there will be life transitions. Some will be big while others will be small. But if you 100% listen to your gut and follow what it says things will turn out all right.

All that being said, if you want to learn more about what Keara is up to now visit,

Lastly, feel free to chime in if you are going through any sort of life transition now and what you’re experiencing.