Action alleviating anxiety is complete b.s.  It absolutely is.  And everyone says that it is the cure.  Well, it’s not the cure.

In fact, it’s the furthest thing from a cure. Does it work?  Yeah.  To a degree.  And that’s why you hear so many people talk about it as the magic pill to make you feel better.

But it really doesn’t work to solve the source of the anxiety.

I guess you could say in a matter of speaking it’s pretty much the same thing as a psychiatrist giving their clients anti-anxiety meds. The drugs help to alleviate the anxiety, but it doesn’t do a damn thing to fix it.

And in this podcast episode of The Other Side Of Being An Entrepreneur, you’ll see exactly why all this is happening.

You’ll hear what happens because of always taking action to alleviate anxiety and the real truth on what’s causing your stress.

Now if I’m being honest, it wasn’t until last week I actually realized what the solution to the anxiety issue is, and I’ll share that with you as well.

But I couldn’t stress enough that action alleviating anxiety won’t work in the long run.

Especially if you live a life of hustle and grind.

So if you deal with anxiety and stress, and you take action to try and deal with it, you’re going to want to listen to this short podcast episode.

Listen To Why Action Alleviating Anxiety Is B.S.

Episode Highlights

  • Where this whole idea of action alleviating anxiety is B.S came from
  • How this idea was actually able to come together
  • Why action alleviating anxiety is B.S.
  • Why we continue to follow this model to get rid of stress
  • Why the hustle and grinders need to hear this more than anyone else.
  • What you trying to control situations actually does to you
  • How action can actually increase stress and anxiety
  • The real place your stress and anxiety come from
  • Why anxiety is so difficult to manage for many entrepreneurs
  • The best way to actually get rid of your stress
  • Why the best way to get rid of stress is what we actually do

Now the interesting thing about all of this is that deep down inside we all really know this.  But it’s sexy and cool to for people to share things like “action alleviates anxiety.”

Now that I think about it I’ve heard it put this way before as well…

“Action alleviates anxiety all of the time.”

Eh, no it does NOT.

It only alleviates it in the moment.  If you listen to this episode you’ll hear all about this in detail.

So keep in mind…

If you are stressed out like a mofo…

If the anxiety you feel is boiling over…

Action does not alleviate anxiety… in the long run.

In the moment it does, but it will NEVER solve the problem.