So what will life be like after the coronavirus? That’s a loaded question… huh?

In all honesty, no one knows. One thing for sure is that there will be a lot of things that are different.

Some things will be way better and others will be way worse.

So that being said I thought I’d have a little fun and break out the crystal ball and dive into the predictions for what life will be like after the coronavirus.

Of course, I have no idea.

But I’ve spent way too much time watching people, industries, studying patterns, and human emotion during this whole pandemic.

So based on that I’ll share what I think may be probable about life and business.

And what I’ll do as well is break it down into categories based around some of the biggest industries out there.

I could probably spend hours breaking each industry down but for now it’s important to hit on the big points for each of the industries.

So we’ll go into…

  • Business in general
  • Airline/Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Fitness industry
  • Financial
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • General life overall

Once into each area I’ll do the pros and cons of how things will be.

Obviously, the coronavirus has been devastating but there are going to be some great benefits and opportunities that will come from it.

So it’ll be good to go into that as well as the challenges that will exist because of this whole pandemic.

So if you’ve been sitting there wondering what will life be like after the coronavirus…

Hopefully, this episode will give you some insight as to the possibilities of what it will be like. And just a quick heads up, this episode is longer than normal. But it shares a lot of what life will be like after the virus.

Listen Here To The Latest Episode On What Life Will Be Like After The Coronavirus

Episode Highlights

  • Why you shouldn’t listen to me and definitely not take this seriously.
  • How the airline industry will be much more efficient than it is right now.
  • Why vacations will be so much better.
  • Why AirBnB may not be the best option anymore.
  • What will happen to home prices and rents.
  • How banks will shift because of this crisis and what they’ll look like on the other side.
  • What medical services, appointments, and medical practices will look like.
  • What the wait times will be like when visiting a doctor.
  • How the fitness industry will look.
  • What challenges the fitness industry faces.
  • What type of business will thrive in the fitness industry.
  • Why you’ll make more money when putting it in savings accounts.
  • What type of restrictions banks will be putting in place.
  • Why school districts will be much more flexible.
  • Who will be hurt in the education industry and why it will have a global impact.
  • Where the entertainment industry will put its focus.
  • Why it’ll cost more for certain entertainment than it does right now.

So one thing’s for sure, life will be different. Will it go back to the normal we knew? Probably not.

It will be a new normal. Of course, there will be things that are still the same but life will be lived very differently.

Just like after 9/11. A lot is the same but a lot is different.

So if you’re sitting there and wondering “what will life be like after the coronavirus” hopefully this podcast will give you some ideas as to the possible future we all face.

And I’m curious to know your thoughts. After listening what do you think life will be like after the virus? Let me know in the comments.