So what’s the truth about the coronavirus?

Well, we all know it’s a virus. We all know it’s contagious. And we all know that people have died from it.

Those are facts but that’s not really what this virus is. Now before I go any further I can already see the conspiracy nuts chomping at the bit right now because this sounds like it’s going to be right up their alley.

Well, sorry to break your flat earth bubble if that’s you (see what I did there?) but this has nothing to do with any of the theories that are floating around.

In fact, this has to do with the truth that only now we are starting to realize what this pandemic is and what it means to our global society.

And what it means is something that can be bigger than we’ve ever experienced before.

I know… get to what the truth about the coronavirus is already lol.

Well, it’s a bit too much to write it all out here that’s why I did a podcast on it.

But once you hear it, you’ll understand that it can literally be life-changing for not just you but our entire global community.

But it all comes down to choosing to accept it or not. And for a lot of people, they won’t want to accept it because it means they’re going to have see and understand some things they may not want to see.

But if you choose to accept it, what you and so many others will be on the other side of this will be nothing short of…


So if you’re curious to really know the truth about the coronavirus and what it really means for all of us, then definitely take a listen to this.

Listen To The Episode Here

Truth About The Coronavirus Episode Highlights

  • What the truth about the coronavirus really is.
  • How this pandemic is actually a blessing and a really good thing.
  • What we don’t have right now that is actually making everything worse.
  • What you and everyone else has to deal with right now that you’ve never had to before (and it’s not the virus).
  • What the biggest gift is that the COVID-19 virus has given you.
  • Why people are actually out protesting against the “stay at home” orders and it’s not just civil liberty rights.
  • How our survival programming has made us act right now.
  • How our survival programming has dictated how our society has grown and acted.
  • What two flat tires at 100mph has to do with this pandemic.
  • Why we are feeling crazier than normal and why it’s not the virus.
  • What we can do to face this truth and how to manage/handle it.

I will say this, right now we are at an incredible point in our history and evolution. How we decide to act on this truth will determine almost everything we do in our future.

But it all starts from understanding what the truth about the coronavirus really is.