Would you believe there’s a positive side to the coronavirus?. In fact, there are many, many, different sides to it.

Now, before I go any further when I say “the positive side of the coronavirus” I don’t mean it’s all rainbows, sprinkles, and ginger snaps. What I mean by the positive side is…

The good things that will come from this when we are able to look between the lines. 

Or another way of putting it is…

What is happening right now that may actionably help our society in a positive way more than anything else could.

And I can already hear it from the negative people…

“There’s nothing positive about what’s happening right now”

“People are dying, there’s nothing good about this.”

If that’s you thought process that’s OK. It’s how your choosing to view things. And I’m cool with that.

My view, and hopefully the view I can help others see is that, yes, there are already positives to this.

We just have to be able to see them.

Because right now, the reality is…

It’s scary out there.

People have died, people will get sick, and more will die.

And the long term impact it will have economically and on our physical, mental, and emotional health will be huge.

There’s no sugar-coating that. 

And it’s hard to see the positive and the other side of the coronavirus.

But we have a chance that we’ve never had before to make some incredible shifts right now.

And it starts with being able to see a different side of what we are being shown. 

So if you’re tired of hearing all the terrible stuff about it, this episode will show you a different view.

In fact, it’s my hope that as long as you are healthy you can see how something like this happening can be a positive in the long run. 

And if you’d like to see how make sure you listen to this episode.

Listen Here To The Positive Side Of The Coronavirus

Episode Highlights

  • How the positive side of the coronavirus can make a difference. 
  • What the other side of the coronavirus is actually showing us.
  • Why right now being forced to slow down may not be the worst thing ever.
  • What you can learn from the coronavirus to actually lead a better life.
  • What this virus is really doing besides scaring us and hurting us. 
  • How social media right now is actually saving us.
  • Why social proof is making everything worse but it can immediately help us if we want it to.
  • What this whole situation is teaching us personally and as a society.
  • Who is actually making a difference right now.
  • Why there’s more good taking place than we know.
  • How this whole coronavirus situation can actually create opportunities.
  • What type of opportunities can come from this.
  • What some of the biggest companies/influencers are doing to get us through everything.
  • How all of this will change us regardless of the outcome.

Oh, and one more thing…

I mention this in the podcast but make sure you are sharing some of the great things you are seeing and hearing out there.

The more of that we see, the more it’s going to help us. 

And the more we are going to see the positive side of the coronavirus.