OK, so we gotta talk about the other side of the coronavirus right now. 

Because right now everything else is about statistics this, infection rates that, and all the crazy stuff giving off the vibe the world is ending. 

So we’ve gotta talk about the other side of the coronavirus. 

And we’re gonna come at all of this from a different angle.

That is… the psychological angle.

That way we can look at this whole coronavirus thing for what it really is. 

Whether you think this is the worst thing ever or whether you think it’s all blown out of proportion it doesn’t matter.

It’s here.

So it’s having a direct impact on people and businesses.

So in this episode of the other side of the coronavirus

We’re going to dive into why people are really freaking out. Which may seem obvious but we’re going to attack it from the deepest level and see why people don’t have to freak out as bad.

We’re also going to approach this from a business side of things as well and talk about what the responsibilities of the business are.

And I don’t mean responsibilities as in Clorox bleaching everything.

I mean, what your responsibilities are to your customers and clients and for the business.

This one is a bit different than the usual podcasts here, and it’s also a different look at the coronavirus and what’s happening compared to all the craziness that is out there.

So since it’s all Coronavirus this, Coronavirus that…

I figured why not dive into it but from a different angle. 

Listen To The Other Side Of The Coronavirus

Episode Highlights

  • Why looking at the other side of the coronavirus is important.
  • The real reason people are panicking and nervous.
  • Why our basic level programming and beliefs are making everything worse. 
  • How emotions are crippling us right now.
  • What you’re responsibilities are as a business owner and the Corona Virus.
  • Why it seems like our level of fear is way more than it was in the past.
  • Why no one really has any clue what is going on.
  • Why this is actually one of the best times for business.
  • How to actually reframe what is going on. 
  • The challenges of reframing something like the Coronavirus.
  • Why we actually need to create more content during times like this.
  • What type of content we need to create.
  • Why it’s selfish and can hurt your business if you’re thinking this is NO big deal.
  • Why it’s selfish and can hurt your business if you think this IS a big deal.
  • What you can do right now to keep you and your business, in a good place.