Do you really have control?.  Seriously, stop for a second and ask yourself that question.

In every aspect of life and business, you believe that control means success, approval, power, and the belief it will make you happy.

But, do you really have control over anything?

Do you really have control over your business, your employees, and clients?

Hell, do you really have control over your life?

It’s an interesting question. And very few stop to ask this question.

That’s because it’s scary as hell to think that you may not have control over it.

Or that one of those things has control over you.

If you are controlled, then you may believe you have no freedom or power.

And what if I told you that you that you are being controlled?

Bull shit you say?

Well, it’s true. You are controlled by the belief that you have control over the outcome of your business and life.

If you weren’t managed by this belief, you and your business would be a complete mess.

This belief provides structure, support, direction, and a purpose.

So in many ways, being controlled can be a good thing.

But the belief that you have control over every aspect of your business and life is where a lot of issues pop up.

Entrepreneurs LOVE control. I mean, we THRIVE on it.

And it’s this belief in control that can throw a big wrench into the mix.

And in this episode of The Other Side Of Being An Entrepreneur, you’ll hear what you actually have control over and what you don’t.

You’ll learn how control is hurting you and your business more than it may be helping you.

You’ll even learn how to control your beliefs about control.

Haha, that’s some deep shit right there lol.

But it’s the truth.

And it’s this belief in control that can cause so much pain, suffering, and struggle in entrepreneurs.

But NO ONE is talking about this and what to do about it.

So this episode will dive into all of this, and show you how you can take “control” ( see what I did there lol?) of all of this.

It’s a short episode and one that’ll make you think a bit. And if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed about anything in business…

This’ll be a good one for you to listen to.

Listen To This Episode On Do You Really Have Control Or Not?

Episode Highlights

  • What control actually is
  • Who the biggest control freaks are.
  • Whether or not control exists
  • What happens when you believe you don’t have control
  • Do you have control or does something have control of you?
  • What you can actually control that impacts your life and business
  • What the most powerful aspect is that dominates your life and what you can do with it
  • The power of choice and reaction when it comes to control
  • Where stress truly comes from and how to prevent it from happening
  • Why stress continues to build up and get worse in entrepreneurs
  • How to manage stress and the struggle you may have with control
  • Why it’s good to choose to NOT be in control

The interesting thing about whether you have control or not is that a lot of it comes from the evolutionary need to survive.

In the caveman days, if you controlled something, your chances of survival went up.  So it makes perfect sense that you strive for control in every aspect of your life and business.

It’s important to know, there’s nothing wrong with looking for control in your life.  As I mentioned it gives you structure and a path. But the problems come in when you try to control what you have no control over.

So make sure you listen in on this to see how to manage that side of things.

Because if you can manage your thoughts and reaction to all of this, things are going to be way easier for you.