In the world of direct response advertising, Jason Hornung is one of the top dogs.

The success that he has seen with his business has been very good over the years.

And so…

On the outside things looked great.

But behind the scenes…

Jason’s business and life were a little bit different.

And in the world of business and entrepreneurship, there’s this belief that if you are an entrepreneur…

And a successful one at that…

That your life is a bunch of rainbows and unicorns.

Well, the truth is…

That’s a bunch of crap!!!

And Jason’s real story (especially recently) dealt with a lot of

– Stress.
– And personal struggle.

But he was able to overcome ALL of it.

And so I wanted to dive in and really hear…

What was going on with Jason, his business, and personal life.

I especially wanted to know…

How he was able to turn it around.

The coolest part is…

He’s happier than he’s ever been.

And you’ll be able to hear how all of it went down in this episode of…

The Other Side Of Being An Entrepreneur.

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Jason Hornung Podcast Highlights

  • Why Jason moved to Portland, Oregon.
  • Where he’s at in his life at this moment.
  • The real reason he sold his advertising agency.
  • What was going on behind the scenes with his agency.
  • Why trying to save the agency didn’t work.
  • What happened to him when he had more money than he knew what to do with.
  • What his childhood was like and how it impacted the rest of his life.
  • Why Jason chased money like there wasn’t any left.
  • What money truly was for him.
  • Why all his value was tied to money.
  • What was the tipping point in Jason’s life and business that forced him to change.
  • What his wife Heather thought about the situation(s) Jason was going through.
  • What happened to their marriage.
  • What lessons Jason learned from therapy.
  • How the role of “energy therapy” played a huge difference in his life.
  • What life is like now for Jason, his wife, and the business.
  • What other entrepreneurs can do to shift their business and life if they’re in a tough spot.

As you can see in the highlights Jason has been able to really shift how he’s doing. His life is better, his relationship is better, and he feels better about business than he has in a long time.

The best part is he’s truly happy.

And in the world of business and life… being happy is what it’s all about.

So make sure to listen to the “Jason Hornung” podcast and take it all in.