For most entrepreneurs it’s pretty crazy to think Pat Rigsby walked away from a multi-million dollar business.

Now you may be asking yourself… why would he do that?

Well, in this episode of The Other Side Of Being An Entrepreneur we dive really deep into why Pat decided to leave.

What Pat had built with his partners was one of the leading fitness marketing, and consulting businesses in the health and fitness industry.

They were very good at not only getting fitness pros up and running, but also helping them get to the next level.

In fact when I was running my training businesses I was part of some of their programs, and had purchased products of theirs as well.

And they made a HUGE difference for me.

So their business was helping A LOT of health and fitness pros.

Financially the business that Pat was running was doing really well, and I believe it made it onto the Inc. 500 list, if I’m not mistaken.

But after years of building it up and being the face of the business, Pat decided that it was time to move on.

Here’s something to think about…

As entrepreneurs we know the roller coaster of emotions and things that can take place every week. And that happens when running just one business. Now imagine having and managing close to a dozen businesses.

That’s where Pat and his partners ended up at one point.

To say there was a lot of moving parts, and a lot going on is an understatement.

And in this episode Pat talks about that, but goes even deeper on how he was feeling, and shares the real reasons why he decided to walk away from one of the most impactful businesses in the fitness industry.

So dive in, and take a listen to…

Why Pat Rigsby Walked Away From A Multi-Million Dollar Business



Interview Highlights

  • What type of stress he was feeling while running the old business.
  • What it was like to manage so many different businesses.
  • Why Pat chose to create a business around the ideal business model.
  • The first moment that Pat realized it may be time to move on.
  • How he felt about leaving.
  • How he decided to leave.
  • What it felt like once he left.
  • Why it was really easy, but also very hard to leave.
  • What the transition was actually like.
  • How the transition affected the family.
  • What type of fears he faced while making the decision to leave.
  • What his life is like now.
  • What real success looks like for him.
  • Why people don’t leave the businesses they hate.
  • How other entrepreneurs can make the move towards their own ideal business/life.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of why Pat Rigsby walked away from a multi-million dollar business. It was one that was very interesting to do.

And it actually got me thinking…

If you were/ are running a large multi-million dollar business do you think you could walk away like Pat?  Let me know in the comments below….