Cliff And Marta Wilde have been through one hell of a journey.

In fact listening to just the physical ailments they suffered through was enough to wonder how they were able to turn it all around.

But what really stood out was how they took everything they learned from their journey and used that to build an incredible online business that helps people and entrepreneurs transform their lives.  With a big focus on health and purpose.

And they have helped quite a bit of people.

In this day and age where most entrepreneurs focus on marketing, leads, funnels and all that stuff, Cliff and Marta focus on the side of things that are actually WAAAAYYY more important.

It’s surprising to realize how many entrepreneurs neglect their health.

Ahem… I was one of them. 😉

But it’s even more surprising to realize that many entrepreneurs don’t know their purpose.

Which is O.K.

Most don’t.  But not knowing that can lead or affect a lot of health issues.

And it was no different for Cliff and Marta.  It took them years, and a lot of challenges to figure it out.  But they did, and now they run a successful business doing the same for others.

And in this episode they share their story.

And when I say share…

I mean they SHARE everything.

The good, the bad, and the UGLY.

There is complete transparency and nothing held back.

So if you’ve ever had this funny voice deep inside that keeps trying to answer “what are you doing” or “what are you meant for,” this is an episode you wont want to miss.

Listen To Cliff And Marta’s Epic Story Here



Cliff And Marta’s Interview Highlights

  • The incredible health issues that Cliff and Marta both faced for many years
  • What those issues did to them emotionally
  • How the health and emotional issues affected their relationship
  • How they met each other
  • How they were able to work together as a couple while dealing with serious health and personal issues
  • What business was like for them at that time.
  • What the massive shift was that completely changed their lives.
  • What a mentor and coaching did for them that also changed their lives.
  • What their business is like now.
  • How living in a new place has helped them tremendously
  • Why they are now as transparent as possible when before they were kept everything inside


To learn more about Cliff and Marta and how they are helping so many other people, click here to check out their Unlimited Life Facebook Group