Own a business? Then you know all too well about the peaks and valleys of emotions. At one moment you’re on top of the world firing on all cylinders and have no fear.

Then just as quickly you want to burn everything to the ground, crawl into a hole, and rip your heart out because you’re so crushed.

It’s the most extreme rollercoaster ride you can ever go on.

Hell, even if you don’t have a business then you still go through peaks and valleys.

That’s because life is pretty much a series of choices and experiences all strung together.

And it’s always the extreme ends of our emotions that make us crazy.

The cool thing is…

If you’re reading this then you’ve gotten through every peak and valley of crazy emotions that you’ve ever experienced.

But they sure as shit haven’t been fun.

So how do you manage or soften the blow of the extremes of emotions?

How can you take something that feels like is a 25 on a scale from 1 to 10 and bring it back down to earth to manage it?

Well, there are a few strategies that can help immediately. There are also a few things you can do to manage it all in the long run as well.

And that’s what this episode is all about.

So if you want a few tools to figure out how to manage the peaks and valleys of our crazy-ass emotions you’ll enjoy this one.

Listen Here On How To Manage The Peaks And Valleys

Episode Highlights

  • Why we have such highs and lows.
  • Why the peaks and valleys are so much more intense than they need to be.
  • How these emotions and energies truly impact you.
  • What happens when you are on too much of a peak energetic level.
  • What happens when you’re on too low of an energetic emotional level.
  • Why these up and down emotions are worse than they need to be.
  • How emotions get worse without you even realizing it.
  • Four things you can do immediately to get yourself out of a really high or low emotional state.
  • Why these 4 things can also be bad for you.
  • How entrepreneurs and high-achievers normally face the up and down moments and how that plays a huge role in emotions. 
  • The key strategy to truly manage the ups and downs in business and life.
  • Why this key strategy can be so simple to implement but so hard to apply.
  • How to make this strategy work all of the time.
  • How managing expectations play a role in the peaks and valleys.
  • Why very high energetic moments can be bad and sometimes worse than the lowest moments.

Here are the final thoughts on all of this. Regardless of all the strategies, and techniques, you can learn, it’ll never eliminate the craziness of life and business.

And the thing is, the craziness is what makes it life. If you eliminated it life would be boring. Everything would be dull, and you’d be craving some sort of stimulation.

So even though it feels like you’re going to die (not literally) during some of the craziest times of your life it’s also what makes life exciting.

But if you want to take the edge off some of the extreme emotions that come with the peaks and valleys that’s OK.

And this episode on how to manage the peaks and valleys of your emotions will help.