Ever wonder why growth and change can be so challenging?

Well, there’s a lil’ something f’ed up when it comes to growth and change.

If you run a business then you know the whole idea is to grow the business.

Pretty basic idea… right?

Well, what if I told you that that idea about growing your business (and anything else) is completely undermined from the get-go.

Basically, you’re starting off at a disadvantage when you’re looking to grow with anything.

Because of this disadvantage…

It makes the whole process of growth and change…



And Frustrating.

It’s kind of f’ed up really.

Because as you’ll hear in this podcast, everything you do in life is designed to grow but…

As you know…

It ain’t easy peasy.

So what am I getting with all this?


You gotta grow.

If you don’t grow you die.

But there is a reason that growth can be so challenging.

There’s a reason why some growth experiences are WAY more challenging than others.

And in this episode, you’ll understand why this is and how to approach growth and change so that it can be something that isn’t always a painful experience.

In fact, this whole podcast is a reminder for myself as well. 

When growth and change are understood from the angle described in this podcast it’ll help you to shift how you think and approach growth experiences.

And in many ways, you even want to search out growth experiences.

So take a listen to this and you’ll learn why growth and change can be so challenging. But you’ll also learn and how you can make these experiences better.

Listen Here To Why Growth And Change Can Be So Challenging

Podcast Highlights

  • What exactly is growth?
  • What actually grows and what doesn’t.
  • Why growth is the biggest asshole you’ll ever meet. 
  • A big reason why challenges and obstacles tend to pop up in groups and more consistently.
  • What is a universal slap.
  • How universal slaps can make you aware of what’s going on and are a good thing.
  • What happens if you continue to be “comfortable” and don’t grow.
  • Why growth itself can be less challenging than if you don’t grow.
  • How to approach growth and change so that you can manage the challenges that come from it.
  • How to reframe your mind when it comes to change.
  • Why you are at a disadvantage from the moment you become conscious.
  • What puts you at a disadvantage and how it is the reason for so much pain and suffering when it comes to growth.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all growth experiences are challenging. If you love doing something the growth you see from it can be a fun process.

For example, I love basketball. When I played back in my high-school days’ practices were hard. I got my ass handed to me over and over.

I got yelled at more than I can remember.

It was challenging for sure. But I loved every minute of it.

So that growth experience for me I really enjoyed.

The reality is…

Growth and change experiences and the secret to handling them comes down to how you interpret what is happening.

AKA, how you choose to respond to it.

That really is the key.

If you interpret it and choose to make it a bad thing it’s going to be pretty rough.

If you choose to interpret it as a way to make you better, then it can be better.

It all comes down to your interpretation and choice.

And it’s those keys…

That determines what growth and change can really be like.