So what does talking about an “aligned business” have to do with anything when we are smack dab in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis?

Well, quite a bit actually.

People are scared, they’re nervous, and business owners are freaking out.

So I thought about what would be really useful for business owners to hear right now?

And that’s where A.J. Morton comes in.

You see…

A.J. has been forced into a position of leadership and helping in the fitness industry because of COVID-19.

Well, he skyrocketed to that position before the pandemic, but it’s even more important now. 

What’s interesting is that just a few months ago A.J. would’ve never been in the position to help people the way he can during this crisis if it wasn’t for realizing that the business he just went all-in on was the perfect business for him.

And I know it’s an over-used term and cliché but really the business was perfectly “aligned” with who he really is.

If he wasn’t operating an aligned business there is very little chance that he’d be where he is only a few months later.

So in this podcast we go into his backstory about how all of this happened, what happened because it is the perfect for him and then… 

We transition into what business owners (fit pros) can do right now to not only weather the COVID-19 storm but also what they can do to move the business forward.

Because right now as much as things are “on-hold” there are still things you can do to move the business forward.

In fact, you can still get new business and grow.

And we go into all of this in this podcast episode. 

Oh, and one final thing before we jump into the podcast and that is…

This is a perfect time for a podcast like this because this is the only time in our lives we are being forced to think about our lives and businesses on a much bigger picture.

There are a lot of questions…

A lot of wondering…

And a lot of “what if’s.”

That is exactly what A.J. was going through before he went all-in on his aligned business.  So he has the perfect insights into what the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are taking place and how to manage them all.

So make sure you jump in and listen to this.

Listen To A.J. Morton’s Podcast Here

Episode Highlights

  • What life was like before he found his aligned business.
  • How that business impacted him personally.
  • What his previous business life was like and how A.J. allowed it to get to the point it was at.
  • What actually ended up happening to A.J’s original business.
  • What the transition period was like and how he handled the emotions, and challenges of it. 
  • Why his past caught up with his future in a good way with the new aligned business.
  • Why morality played such a role in his new business.
  • What A.J.’s nickname was and why it’s a perfect one. 
  • Why right now is the most important time to focus on yourself.
  • The importance of doing inner work and finding alignment with what you’re doing.
  • What people truly want and need during this time.
  • How A.J. positioned himself to be able to help people during this time.
  • How business owners and others can put themselves in position to be better when the pandemic ends.
  • How business owners can manage all the craziness that is taking place right now.
  • What type of business owner is going to be in trouble when we move on from this pandemic. 

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