When it comes to living the life you’re supposed to live there is an endless number of paths you can take to get there.

But for a lot of people the path they choose may not be the one that is actually right for them.

There are all sorts of limiting beliefs, societal influences, and actions that can lead to a very different direction.

And that direction could be the one that keeps you from living the life you’re supposed to live. 

Over time if you’re not living that right path…

It’ll cause a bunch of issues and a massive feeling of unhappiness.

There’s also a good possibility that life could be a lot more challenging than it needs to be as well. 

And in this podcast episode with Tedd Ryce you’ll hear what life was like for Tedd before he made the shift to doing what is more aligned with him…

And you’ll hear what it’s like after he made the shift.

It’s an incredible story of tragedy and also successes.

But it was this journey the brought Tedd to a tipping point.  He could either continue to live the way he was living or change.

He took the leap and in the end he found his new path.

A couple of quick notes.

1) This is one of the longer interviews on here, but it had to be that way to capture the whole story.

2) For some reason, there are a bunch of “popping/ cracking” noises whenever I speak. I have no idea why this happened and unfortunately, there was no way to remove them.  The good thing there’s not a lot of talking on my end.  So just wanted to give you a heads up on this.

Living The Life You’re Supposed To Live

Tedd Ryce Interview Highlights

  • How Tedd ended up in Thailand.
  • How his first business came into existence.
  • How the massive shift from offline to online happened.
  • What force is driving him to make a bigger impact on the world.
  • The incredible family story that shaped the rest of Tedd’s life.
  • How he felt for years after not making the business shift he had to make.
  • What the catalyst was that caused him to make the shift.
  • What he ended up doing with his former business.
  • How they made the big breakthrough in their new business that led to the best financial month ever.
  • The internal struggles and fears he went through when failure hit.
  • How Tedd got into Ayahuasca and what he learned from that experience.
  • What finding his aligned purpose actually did for him.
  • Who benefited the most from the Ayahuasca experience.
  • How people can create a balance in their lives to live a better life.
  • Why peak experiences are important for any sort of growth.

So if you’re running a business or living a life that may not be right for you…

Or you’re looking to truly live the life you’re supposed to

Tedd’s story will be a fascinating one.