The online entrepreneur struggle is REAL. All the hyped-up talk about living the beach lifestyle is misleading. It’s not like that. It’s not even close.

But it’s definitely possible. In fact, I have friends who do live like that.

But it took a LOT of hard work, a lot of sacrifices, and a lot of sleepless nights to get there.

It’s not cool and sexy to talk about how difficult the journey is. So you don’t hear about the struggles much.

Nor do you hear about what those struggles can do to you if you don’t find the success you want.

So yes, you can live that way and have the location freedom that marketers talk about.

But just know it’s a lot harder than it looks.

On a whim, I decided to hop on Facebook and ask entrepreneurs if it was easier to build and offline business or an online business.

Below are a few of their responses…

Interesting… right?

Well, since we are talking a bit of reality…

I wanted to share the interview I did with Ken Allen. Ken is an entrepreneur who has been running an offline tennis business for years to talk about his transition into the online world and what it’s been like.

I wanted to dive deep with him and actually get him to share his true experience.

That way you can hear what a successful entrepreneur went through when diving into the world of the interwebz.

And in the interview, Ken didn’t hold back. In fact, he went really deep.

He opened up and shared some really vulnerable parts about his online experience that he doesn’t normally share.

He did this just so you could see what it was like for him.

Now, just like any good story, this one has a happy ending.

But it took years and years of ups and downs, and challenges before Ken found something that not only works but is fulfilling.

So if you’ve got an offline business and are looking to dive into the online world…

Or if you are having a tough time getting your online biz going…

You’ll probably want to listen in to what Ken has to say about his online entrepreneur struggle. That way you can avoid some of the same situations that he faced.

The Online Entrepreneur Struggle With Ken Allen

Ken Allen Interview Highlight

  • How he started with his offline business
  • What his first job was
  • Why he actually did these jobs
  • Why he decided to move and leave the jobs he was doing
  • How all of this led to a medical issue
  • What the medical issue was
  • What entrepreneurship, in general, can do to you
  • Why he decided to go from offline entrepreneur to online entrepreneur
  • How this shift caused a lot of demons to show their ugly heads
  • Why his online entrepreneur struggles messed with his self-esteem
  • How he faced and dealt with these struggles
  • What his final breaking point was and what happened
  • How his life hit a major turning point after he gave up
  • How he came into his new online business
  • What this business has that is different from anyone he had in the past
  • Why he’s finally happy
  • What he loves about this business.

So if you want to know…

Ken’s interview is very relatable. There are a lot of people out there who will and have gone through very similar experiences.

As I mentioned in the beginning…

The online entrepreneur struggle is real.

But it doesn’t have to be as challenging as Ken’s experience.

If you find something that you really love, something that you can put up with a lot of shit with and still love it, and it is in a market that has a demand…

You’ll be O.K.