Let’s talk about an aligned entrepreneur for a second. An aligned entrepreneur is someone who is following their true path, and what their heart tells them.

Their business is in true alignment with who they are, and how they live their life.

There are no doubts, no questions, and everything feels “right.” And for the most part, their business and life just flow.

On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs who are WAY out of alignment. And in my experience, I’d say most entrepreneurs lean this way.

That’s because they are following the money, or chasing something that is outside of them.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong trying to make money, and make a metric ton of it. But when you’re solely focused on that…

Or solely focused on running a business that you don’t really like because you believe that is what you are supposed to do…

Then there’s a good chance you need an adjustment.

And in this podcast episode with Brian Devlin, we go into how he ended up out of alignment with his business.

Which not only took a toll on the business, but also took a heavy toll on him physically, mentally, and emotionally.

But the amazing part of Brian’s story is not what being out of alignment did to him…

It’s how he was able to turn it around, and now live a life that…

Flows, breeds creativity, and feels GOOD!!!

It’s really an incredible story and one that many entrepreneurs can relate to.

So if you’ve ever questioned if the business you run is right for you or…

If something doesn’t feel right with what you are doing…

Then this is going to be a very “interesting” interview for you.

How The Failure Of Being An Aligned Entrepreneur Changed Brian Devilin’s Life


Brian Devlin Episode Highlights

  • Where Brian Came from and how that laid out the beginning of his business career.
  • Why he left his training location and business
  • How his wife changed his life
  • Why he felt soulless
  • How he ran his gym while not being there
  • How long the gym ran without him
  • What his dream business was
  • How fast his new gym grew
  • What that new gym business was like
  • What turned things from great to not so great
  • What he really wanted to do instead
  • What happened to him physically because of the alignment struggles
  • Why he buried his true feelings
  • What physical condition he now has to deal with
  • Why he felt that he shortchanged his clients
  • How difficult it was to truly align himself
  • What he feels like now since becoming and aligned entrepreneur
  • How you can get into alignment with what you want and who you are
  • What life and business will look like when in alignment
  • What his life looks like now
  • What Perpetual ROI is.

When it comes to being an aligned entrepreneur, either you are one, or you are not one.  There is no in between. And that can cause a lot of conflict, struggle, and just plain old frustration.

The toughest part if you feel out of alignment is figuring out how to adjust things so you can get in alignment.

You’ll question if you’ll be able to make the aligned business work.

You’ll wonder what will happen if you make the switch.

And you’ll be more afraid than you’ve been in a while.

But if you listen to Brian’s story, and how he did it, then you’ll be able to see it’s possible.

Because in the end you can have all the money in the world, but if you feel like crap, and don’t like what you’re doing, then what’s the point?

Maybe, just maybe, being an aligned entrepreneur is the way to go.