Entrepreneurial beliefs are a funny thing. Actually any belief.  Not just entrepreneurial ones.They either make you, or they break you.

But what’s really interesting about them is that a lot of times we don’t even know what these beliefs are.

So I thought it would be cool to share the beliefs I know to be true of you and other entrepreneurs.

Some are good, and some or bad.  And some I just threw in there for fun.

Either way, what you’ll read below is what I believe to be true about you.

Here are the 63 things I believe about you

I Believe…

1. In you!!!!

2. In what you do.

3. That you are enough.

4. That you are fucking awesome.

Entrepreneurial beliefs






5. You are a genius.

6. That you can create and do anything that you put your mind to.

7. You make more of an impact in people’s lives than you realize.

8. That you are your own worst enemy.

9. You are already living a life that most people probably dream of.

10. That life is given to you so that you can experience growth, change, and spend it serving and helping others.

11. You talk yourself out of more things than you should.

12. That you think too much and don’t listen to your gut enough. 

13. You know everything you need to know to be successful.

Entrepreneurial beliefs14. That you limit yourself and don’t realize your true greatness.

15. You can help others realize the greatness they hold in themselves.

16. All the bullshit you tell yourself is just that… bullshit.

17. Your bullshit is also influenced by others in your lives that are there to hold you back.

18. Your life is worth more than even you realize.

19. That you are good at making others feel happy about themselves.

20. You have a 100% success rate of getting through the rough days.

21. Your business is an extension of you and not the other way around.

22. Your business is meant to serve you.

23. You have a unique ability and talent that no one else has.

24. Your only competition is you… and Shooter McGavin lol.

Entrepreneurial beliefs shooter mcgavin

25. That you’ve failed at many things, but those failures have only made you stronger.

26.That no matter where you are in life, your greatest moments are still to come.

27. You’ve sacrificed a lot while on your entrepreneurial path, and some of it you regret.

28. You need to spend more time being present and not as much thinking about your business.

29. Your success as an entrepreneur is not about how hard you work, but your mindset and beliefs towards your who you are and how you work.

30. That only YOU can make you happy.

31. That only you can prevent forrest fires.

32. You don’t need any external motivation, you have everything you need right now.

33. Your life is exactly that… your life.  Don’t let anyone else dictate or tell you what to do.

34. You are way more sensitive and emotional, than you like to admit. And that’s a good thing.

35. You spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME in your head and not enough time in your heart.Entrepreneurial beliefs

36. You can squat a metric shit ton if you really wanted to.

37. You will define and shape your future exactly the way you want it to be.

38. You still worry too much about what others say, do, and think about you.

39. What you worry about rarely ever happens.

40. You don’t see how much the people closest to you actually care about you

41. That those closest to you will always want the best for you, even if they don’t say it or show it.

42.You are a gift to this world and everything you do has the opportunity to help others..

43. You need to share more about your imperfections and not be afraid to do it.

44. The best way for you to connect with others is showing your vulnerability.

45. Your fears are bullshit.

46. That however you decide to live you life is your choice.

47. Your life is a gift… don’t fucking waste it.

48. That any pain, struggle, or suffering you’ve experienced was meant to make you the person you are today.

49. That you are beautiful inside and out like a majestic cat.

entrepreneurial beliefs

50. You need to say NO more often.

51. You beat yourself up more than you should.

52. You don’t celebrate your wins enough.

53. I believe that you probably don’t laugh enough, and sometimes take yourself too seriously.

54. You are capable of playing at any level you want to play at.

55. I can still school you in Golden Eye. #FactEntrepreneurial beliefs godeneye

56. That you should punch your fears in the face.

57. That anyone who has doubted you will never come close to what you’ve already accomplished.

58. Your haters will never be able to do what you do.

59. You can whoop some major ass.

60. That you whoop your own ass mentally more than you really should.

61. That you are talented as hell.

62. You create opportunities for others to live better lives without realizing it.

63. That your voice, gifts, and talents, must be shared more.

So there ya have it.  63 beliefs I have about you.  What I’ve found over the years is that almost everything I’ve written above is true for just about every entrepreneur.

Our beliefs really can make you or break you.  Hopefully this little list will entertain you for a bit, but also have you pause for a second and be aware of a few things about yourself.

Feel free to add to this list of entrepreneurial beliefs in the comments below.