In this episode AJ Mihrazad reveals the truth behind how he lost everything. Then once he had nothing left, he shares how he was able to turn it all around.

Now you’ll hear podcasters and interviewers touch on some of the challenges entrepreneurs face, but nothing like what AJ shares.

This is deep, dark, scary stuff.  And AJ hasn’t really shared a lot of this before before.

All the struggle, suffering, and emotional challenge is revealed here.  It’s this stuff that held AJ back for a long time.  It wasn’t until he worked his way through it that he started living the life that he wanted.

Now to AJ’s credit..

He was a really good sport by letting me ask some very personal questions.  I went deep and asked things that probably no other person asked him to share.  So this is pretty revealing.


It’s his answers, and stories that will let you into his mind and show the real side of what entrepreneurs like AJ go through.

So if you want to hear about a wild ride to happiness, fulfillment, and success take a few minutes to listen to how AJ overcame his deepest personal struggles…



Show Notes For  How AJ Mihrzad Lost Everything And Then Turned It All Around

  • Why Aj had a fear of not enough money
  • Why he felt stuck
  • Why the things he had were never enough
  • What AJ’s biggest limiting beliefs were
  • Why he was “out of alignment” and how it really hurt him
  • How AJ developed the wrong kind of mental programming
  • The lowest points of AJ’s life and how that actually helped him
  • What it was like to feel like he had nothing
  • What it was like to actually have nothing
  • How his biggest fears and nightmares actually came true
  • How complete devastation allowed AJ to turn things around
  • How AJ realized what his true identity was.
  • What type of lifestyle and business AJ is able to run now because of his challenges
  • What the one thing is that no one could ever take from AJ

As mentioned this is a pretty deep and intense interview.  What he reveals and shares here is not easy for anyone to open up about.  So I give AJ a lot of credit for allowing me go deep.
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