Maybe it’s just me but a lot of times I wonder why we do what we do. I mean, why would someone knowingly ingest things that are known to kill them over time. Why would someone decide to jump out of a plane?

Why would we continue in a job, career, or business that we hate even though we know it’s destroying us?

And on a deeper level…

Why would a cop kneel on a black man’s neck, listen to this man plead for his life, beg for his mother and then when he stops responding, continue to stay there?

Now, of course, for many, the main thought and answer for what the cop did would be that the cop was racist and had a hatred towards black people and culture.

But why was he racist?

How did he become racist?

Why do we do what we do in witnessing situations like this?

These are some big questions to think about.

Especially if change has to happen.

Then that leads to…

How do we create change that isn’t just surface level? The kind of change, that is deep and long-lasting?

Again, a big question to think about.

So in this podcast episode, I do my best to break down why we do what we do and…

How to make massive, long-lasting change.

Because if we can understand the reasons why we do what we do, and how to make a change…

This world will be a much better, more peaceful, more understanding place.

And that leads to three components of what we all want. And those are…

  1. Be happy.
  2. Feel better.
  3. Feel connected to something at a deeper level.

If we have all three of those things, we are completely satisfied.

But it seems most of us don’t even have one of those elements.

So this episode will show why we’re not there, why we do what we do, and how we can create long-lasting change that actually matters.

And when I say change, I don’t just mean on an individual level.

I mean on a cultural, societal, and global level.

But it all begins with understanding the pieces of the puzzle that so many of us haven’t seen yet.

So hopefully this podcast is able to help with all of this.

Listen To The Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • What the most powerful force is on this planet.
  • Why you’re correct in what you believe is the most powerful force.
  • What the two most powerful elements in your life are that dictate and control everything you do.
  • How understanding the important patterns in your life in terms of a skyscraper will help to understand more about how everything works.
  • Why we attack, vilify, and knock others down.
  • Why others attack, vilify, and try to knock you down.
  • How true, long-lasting change can happen.
  • Why quick, forced change, rarely lasts.
  • Why change HAS to take time.
  • Where this change truly starts from and how to get everyone on board with it.
  • Who your personal CEO is that helps you to run the show.
  • What determines who you are and how you do what you do.
  • Why the change we want to make leads to so much struggle.
  • Where anger comes from.
  • Why we’re not able to control most of our emotions.
  • How you end up arriving at the views and beliefs that you do.

One last note. The moment I understood what is discussed in this podcast, it changed so much of how I see things. In fact, it made it so much easier to see why others do what they do.

It also made a huge impact in understanding, and communicating with others.

So what is shared in this episode is what I feel is some of the most important content that I’ve ever shared.

I truly believe that the more people understand what is discussed here the better it will be not just for them, but for everyone else.

So really listen to this. Really try to understand it.

Because if you do, it’ll deliver so many aha moments about why we do what we do.