So why is vulnerability a strength?  Well, in today’s world it seems like people are tired of others being guarded, and acting like everything is perfect.

No one is perfect, but we all try to pretend like we are. 

And we all know deep down inside that we’re trying our best to put on a show like we’re perfect.

In the business world, this type of “persona” is expected.

The whole show no-weakness, show no faults, admit to nothing type of game, is the way business has been run since the beginning.

But times are changing.  The more connected we are virtually, the less connected we are personally, emotionally, and spiritually.

And we’re craving things and people that are real.  

And being real means being vulnerable.

So then, why is vulnerability a strength? Because it shows that we’re human and not robots.

And in this episode, all of this is broken down with examples of where vulnerability can be used, what happens when you’re vulnerable, and why vulnerability is a true strength today.

The truth is…

We can let go of it being viewed as a weakness.

And you’ll learn why in this episode.

You’ll also see how some people know it’s power and use it to create and craft stories that aren’t true as well.

Those are the true douche canoes and master manipulators.

What’s funny about those people is that they’re generally the most guarded people, but they take one vulnerable piece of their lives and mold it into a story to connect with people and to manipulate them.

So if you truly want to understand why vulnerability is a strength and how to use it correctly, then listen to this episode. 

Listen To The Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • Why constantly talking about vulnerabilities is a bad thing.
  • What the difference is between vulnerability that is good and vulnerability that is bad.
  • What’s the difference between external vulnerability and internal vulnerability.
  • Why therapy is not all it’s cracked up to be and can make things worse.
  • How reaching a deep emotionally, vulnerable level with yourself can be very helpful.
  • Why men have got it bad when it comes to opening up more.
  • Why women have it so much easier.
  • How men evolved to view vulnerability as a weakness.
  • Why vulnerability is a strength for women.
  • Why the times we live in today reflect the need to see more vulnerability.
  • How judgment plays a role in vulnerability.
  • Where judgment actually comes from.
  • Why we’re afraid to open up and share who we are.
  • How vulnerability can be used in tough situations for success.
  • How vulnerability can be used to break through barriers with others.
  • How vulnerability can help create a deeper level of trust and connection.
  • Why it’s actually harder to “not” be vulnerable and how that hurts you.
  • Why vulnerability is a strength in almost every part of your life.
  • How life is better when you open up a more.
  • Why it’s smart to open up only in specific moments and not all of the time.

Now, this is covered a bit in the podcast…

But imagine that the world’s leaders showed some vulnerability. What do you think that would do?

Do you think they’d get criticized and ripped to shreds for it? It’s definitely possible. But it’d also open the door for a lot of different things to happen that could move things forward in a good way.

Now put that in perspective in your own personal world. If you open up a bit more will you get torn to pieces? Chances are, probably not. In fact, it may surprise you as to what happens.

So if you want to learn a bit more then listen to this episode on why vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness.