Unplug and play?  Yeah.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that entrepreneurs for the most part have the “play” part down pretty good.

That’s why you’ll see a lot of masterminds and coaching groups with fun things to do.  A.K.A experiences built in. Which I’m all for.  Last thing I want to do is not have a good time while being part of coaching group.

But the area where we pretty much suck at is the “unplugging” part.  It’s not helped at all by gurus pushing the whole hustle till you drop mentality.

We are not machines.  We are not designed to run 24/7.  In fact we are not able to.  Something will eventually give out. I personally see it a lot with my conversations with entrepreneurs.

So i thought it would be important to dive into the whole unplug and play combination.  Especially the “unplugging” side of things.

It was after a quick message on Facebook with Scott Colby that I realized…

He’s the guy to talk to about all of this. He actually runs a business called Unplug Play Adventures.  Which basically gets people to step away from their crazy lives, learn how to unplug, enjoy the feeling of being unplugged, and learning to play in a way that is fulfilling.

So I invited Scott to do an interview with me and he agreed.

What I really enjoyed in our interview was how he described his story and how this whole unplug and play idea came about.

Not only that he really dove in on why unplugging is so difficult for entrepreneurs, and what it’s really doing to us. He even laid out the steps to help the “always connected” entrepreneur to learn to take a step back.

Pretty cool stuff, and more important than we even realize.

What surprised me was the results his clients were seeing from learning how to do this.  Or should I say, re-learning how to unplug and play.

So if you are running a business, hustling your ass off, and feeling a bit burned out this is worth checking out. Even if you’re not burned out, and feeling great about things this is worth a listen. It’ll help you stay aware of how you are doing things.

Unplug And Play Interview


Scott Colby Interview Highlights

  • What Scott’s story is
  • How he started running adventure trips
  • What happens when you don’t unplug
  • What happens when you do unplug
  • How his unplug and play adventure business came about
  • How entrepreneurs and others reacted to their experience with unplugging and playing
  • Why entrepreneurs don’t unplug
  • Why entrepreneurs are addicted to technology
  • The real difference between productivity and unplugging
  • Why entrepreneurs struggle to relax and let go
  • What you can do to unplug
  • How being able to unplug and play has changed lives


Honestly, as I finished up this interview with Scott it had me really evaluating the way I do things.  It had me thinking, am I operating the way that is right for me? And honestly it made think, and begin to refine a few things in how I operate so that I can “unplug and play a bit more.

If you want to know more about Scott and what he’s doing to help others unplug and play, check him out at www.unplugandplayadventures.com