The pendulum effect can really explain so many things in the world when it comes to major events, crisis, or even an individual conflict.

But the thing about it is, not too many people realize what it is and how it plays out in all of these events.

In fact, I had no idea what is until I started seeing the same patterns show up over and over again in moments of challenge or crisis.

As these patterns kept showing up more and more it started to resemble a pendulum.

And that’s where I started calling this the pendulum effect.

What’s really interesting about this effect is that once you understand it and know how it really works, you can almost predict what is going to happen.

Not the actual specific events, but the way people, businesses, cultures, and countries will react.

In this podcast you’ll see how the pendulum effect plays out in just about everything in our lives.

You’ll see how knowing what this is can actually help you not just respond to tough times, but also understand others.

In fact, I’d say it’s one of the biggest tools I use when it comes to understanding any challenge or crisis that pops up not just in my life, but throughout the world.

So if you want to understand a big part of why people, businesses, cultures, and societies act and react the way they do…

You’ll want to listen to this episode on the pendulum effect.

The best part is, this is a short episode so you can get through it quickly.

So check it below.

List To The Pendulum Effect Here

Episode Highlights

  • What is the pendulum effect?
  • How the pendulum effect impacts you, me, and the entire world.
  • Where the pendulum effect comes from.
  • How this effect explains very intense situations.
  • How being aware of this effect can improve how you manage emotions and tough situations in your life.
  • How road rage is a perfect example of this.
  • Why the pendulum effect can be a good thing in helping you see things differently.
  • Who is impacted more by this effect?
  • Why this effect won’t be able to be eliminated.
  • How the pendulum effect was created.

Oh, and there’s one last thing to know about the pendulum effect. It doesn’t just apply to humans. You can see it play out in nature as well.

The pendulum effect plays on the extreme ends of things. So when something extreme happens in nature, you can see the pendulum effect play a role in a lot of what happens with that as well.

It seems to be a natural process to help restore balance.

And that’s exactly what it does with us humans as well.