Stop listening to your feelings!!!  Seriously, stop. While you’re at it, stop trying to control everything too.

If you’re entrepreneur, you believe that constant work, hustling, and going at it will give you what you want.

But that process and all of those things are simply you trying to control everything.

And because of that, all sorts of crazy thoughts and feelings pop up that can cause a lot of strange things in your business and life.

And the longer this happens, the more challenging things can become.

If kept uncheck for too long you can become pretty happy.

Of course, there are people who thrive on all of this and they are a select few. Most entrepreneurs and most people are taught from a young age that you want to try and control everything and that you’re feelings are who you are.

But the combination of trying to control everything and the feelings you have, can make for a very interesting life. And not in a good way.

So the first step for a better life and a better business is to stop controlling everything.

And the second step is stop listening to your feelings.

And in this podcast episode we’ll go down a rabbit hole of what happens to a lot of entrepreneurs when there’s too much emphasis on control and then why “feelings” are some of the biggest liars out there.

Actually, this episode was inspired by a bunch of entrepreneurs I spoke with recently.

They were all angry, unhappy, frustrated and had businesses that were killing them. 

Eventually they got help and turned it all around, but it was interesting to see that they had no idea how much their controlling nature and feelings played a role in how their lives ended up.

And so it was important to share how they ended up the way the did and why control and their feelings had such a big part in it.

On top of this, there’s a good lesson in the end of this episode as well that let’s us see why some of the things in our world are a bit crazy.

Oh, and if you’re thinking this topic isn’t that important or not worth looking into then know this….

If you’ve ever had moments of anger, frustration, or sadness, or you’ve felt those for a long time…

This episode will explain why and how to move away from that.

Listen To The Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • How your life is dictated in the belief of control.
  • The truth about what control really gets you.
  • Why you’ve been taught to believe that control is the key to what you want.
  • Why people who call out control freaks are actually control freaks too.
  • What control has to do with your beliefs.
  • Why the lack of control causes so many different emotions.
  • What we do actually have control over.
  • Where control comes from and why it’s important for your survival.
  • Why interpretation is so key to understanding your feelings.
  • Why your feelings are not true.
  • Why you are NOT your feelings.
  • The biggest key to understanding that your feelings are not true and not who you are.
  • Why the belief in our feelings is causing a lot of the big challenges we face today.
  • Why certain feelings trigger certain actions and other emotions.
  • Why it is that we respond to feelings the way we do.

If you want to learn more about control, make sure you check out this other episode on control.

If you want to learn more about feelings, here’s another episode on that.

Lastly, if I can express anything about all of this it’s this.

Simply do your best to stop listening to your feelings and to control things. And understand that your feelings are not necessarily true, and you are not your feelings.

I know that may sound strange and hard to understand but this episode will break it down for you.