So there are two feelings that drive you more than anything. In some ways, they can be described also as emotions. Either way, they influence all the big picture pieces of our lives.

Work, business, family, relationships.

They even influence the smaller elements of our lives such as why you want to take a vacation, or why you want to watch TV instead of reading.

No matter what, these two feelings will always be a motivating factor for your life.

The tough part is realizing that this is what drives you and then realizing that you’re putting in way too much work to try and achieve or find these feelings.

And in this episode you’ll discover what these two feelings or emotions are.

But more importantly, you’ll learn how to achieve them without all the boundaries, and pressures that we think we have to go through to reach them.

Oh, and if you want to know where these feelings stem from you’ll want to make sure you listen to the episode on why we do what we do.

So if you ever wanted to understand what drives others or even what drives you to make the choices you do, you’ll enjoy this episode.

The cool thing is, once you understand this you’ll be able to see this in others and it’ll not only help them, it’ll help you too.

So if you want to know the two feelings and emotions that drive you more than anything then…

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Episode Highlights

  • Why it doesn’t matter if times are good or bad we will still want the same things.
  • Why the type A, hustlers operate the way that they do.
  • How those people created a belief that they MUST operate that way.
  • What the two biggest feelings are that drive you more than anything.
  • How these feelings impact not just entrepreneurs but every single one of us.
  • Where these two feelings come from.
  • How one business owner shifted his entire life based on simply finding something fulfilling.
  • Why these two feelings don’t have to be followed in order to feel a certain way.
  • How external factors truly play a role in both good and bad emotions.
  • Why these factors drive you to live the life you do.
  • What you can do to simply achieve these two feelings right now.
  • Why it’s much harder than it seems.
  • How we choose what happens in our lives and how it impacts us.
  • Why a fulfilling business or career is a key part of finding these two important feelings.

Here’s one last thing for you to keep in mind. You’re human. The emotions and feelings described in this episode are normal.

It’s just that we live in a society that creates ways that make it hard to understand and get what we REALLY want.

But after listening to this episode you’ll understand why and you’ll really see why these are two feelings that drive you more than anything else.