Overworked and burned out are two things that entrepreneurs know all too well.

In fact, there’s one more element you can throw in there that we know better than we should, and that is stress.

And JR Burgess was in the middle of an overwhelming, long-term phase of all it.

Life was hectic, crazy, and it really wasn’t the kind of life that he wanted for himself or his family.

The constant feeling of being overworked and burned out combined with the stress was just grinding JR down.

Regardless of how the businesses were growing, personally, everything was adding up.

And eventually it just took too much of a toll.

And in this episode you’ll hear the whole story of what life was really like for JR during this time and how he finally overcame it.

Now, he’s living a life with a much better balance, a bigger mission, a better family life, and he’s just… happier.

For so many entrepreneurs, this is really what we want. It’s not all about the money.

And you’ll hear how JR was able to make it happen.

Listen To JR’s Interview Here

Episode Highlights

  • What life was like for JR just a few years ago.
  • How life got to the point it was at and what it was doing to him and his family.
  • What JR’s biggest limiting belief was that he carried around his whole life.
  • How this limiting belief held him back.
  • What type of lifestyle JR was living.
  • How alcohol, work, and weed became major addictions for him.
  • When it was that he realized something was not right.
  • What type of businesses JR was involved in and what those businesses were doing to him.
  • What mentor/coach JR studied that helped make some major changes.
  • How a shaman helped JR discover what the big hole was in life and helped him see it.
  • How JR feels after discovering what needed to get better.
  • What steps he took to shift to a positive direction.
  • How he views work, life, and everything else now.
  • What his family life is like, and why it’s more important to him now than it ever was.
  • Where his business and professional life is at right now.
  • Why “getting permission” was so important for him when he didn’t even realize it.
  • What steps other entrepreneurs can take to make big shifts in their lives if something isn’t right.
  • What it’s like to feel healthier, happier, and have a more balanced life.

Oh, and one last thing which you’ll pick up as a theme throughout the interview and that is…

Feeling overworked and burned out is NOT something that should be worn as a badge of honor.

If you’re an entrepreneur you’re probably building your business and life for freedom.

And you can hear JR talk about how this was what he was searching for but he was getting the opposite.

And that’s because he believed to get the freedom, the happiness, the peace he wanted he believed he had to “go all out all of the time.”

At the end that’s not what got him there. It was a completely different direction that allowed him to make this huge shift.

And you’ll hear all about it in his interview.

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