In this episode with Liam Mark Britton I wanted to know why he decided to give up a successful fitness business? I was just as curious to know why he went in the direction he headed in.

I’m always fascinated by people who make huge shifts in their lives. Or walk away from things that, on the outside everyone considers successful. Just like Eric Ruth and Pat Rigsby did.

From the outside it looks like it was easy for them to do it.  Even though we all know it was probably a tough decision.

But in Liam’s case it didn’t seem like it was that tough of a decision.  And that’s what really set off my “interest” meter.

It was VERY different than some of the other interviews where people decided to walk away from their businesses.

In Liam’s case it all seemed to be triggered after an event he attended.  After that event he decided to move in a very different direction.

A direction that scares most people.

So not only did he give up a successful fitness business which was scary enough…

He moved into an area that guaranteed he would have to be more vulnerable than ever…

Share his failures…

And learn to be O.K. with that.

I don’t know about you, but that’s some scary sh*t right there.

The coolest part about all of this is, during the interview I asked some deeper/harder questions… and he was honest and open about it all.

If you think about it, how many entrepreneurs are truly open about their deepest thoughts, issues, and struggles?

Probably 00000000000000.1% of entrepreneurs.

But for Liam this is really who he is, and this is the direction he went with.

And since he knows his entrepreneurial identity, it allows him to not only really help others, but FEEL good doing it as well.

And in this interview you’ll discover exactly how everything has worked out for him.

So check it out…


Listen To Liam’s Interview Here

Liam Mark Britton Interview Highlights

  • Why Liam sold and gave up a successful fitness business
  • How Liam became an entrepreneur and personal trainer
  • How he was able to grow his training business to multiple six figures
  • How much revenue the business actually generated
  • How he felt on the inside while running his business
  • What he was missing in his life
  • What he believed the answer was as to why he was feeling “off”
  • What his biggest fear was
  • What his first step was to get over that fear
  • How he felt letting the old business go
  • What happened to his friends as he made the shift in his life.
  • Why he worked so much when he was constantly burning out
  • What the biggest issue is that is causing entrepreneurs so much pain
  • Why it’s so important for him to share his personal issues
  • Why vulnerability is actually a strength and not a weakness
  • How he’s able to immediately connect with people

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