Have you ever stopped to ask, is getting to the next level really a good thing?

I know…

That sounds like a dumb question.

Because getting to the next level is the big goal of life, work, business for so many entrepreneurs and high-achievers.


Well, of course!!!

But it may not necessarily be that getting to the next level is really a good thing or the right thing to constantly strive for.

After listening to this it may actually have you stop and think for a minute about the constant push to get to the next level.

Because just like so many other things in this world, what we want and what we push for has some “interesting” side effects.

And if you want to be happy with what you’re doing…

Happy with who you are…

And happy with the life, business, and/or career you have…

Understanding what is shared in this episode is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

In fact, once you listen to it you’ll actually be able to see how so many people are falling into what I like to call…

The “Next Level Trap.”

You may be falling into it as well without even realizing it.

So make sure you take a listen to know for sure.

Listen To This Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • What we are absolutely amazing at as a species and why it’s important
  • What the “next level” means to most people.
  • How the current process of reaching the next level developed.
  • Why there is absolutely nothing wrong to always push for the next level.
  • What most people find when they reach the “next level.”
  • Why people are surprised about what they find when they get there.
  • What happens to most entrepreneurs and high-achievers when they reach the level they’re been aiming for.
  • What the next level trap is and why it’s holding back so many entrepreneurs
  • What your self-worth has to do with reaching the next level.
  • What a different view is on working towards the level you want to reach.
  • Why this different view may actually help you get to your goals faster.
  • What happens to you personally as you constantly inch towards where you’d like to be.
  • Who you can become when you reach the level you’ve always wanted to get to.
  • The answer to the question, is the next level really a good thing?

I’m sure this may sound like a strange topic or one that’s not really that important.

But if you like happiness, peace of mind, and don’t like stress and major challenges at every turn…

Listening to this podcast is important.

Because it won’t hurt to ask…

Is pushing for the next level really a good thing?

I’m sure you’ll say yes.

And you should.

But listen to this episode and see what pops up for you when you do.

You may be surprised.