OK. Now the hustle paradox ain’t no Star Trek thing.

It’s as real as it gets.

On one hand, entrepreneurs are slammed with the messaging that you have to hustle and grind like crazy.

Entrepreneurs are hit from every direction about hustling their ass off as the way to succeed.

On the other hand, hustling 24/7 365 days a year is probably not the best option either.

And in this episode, I go ALL in on this hustle paradox.

I pull no punches, and I even bring up some of the biggest names who push the hustle method.

The truth as I see it…

You gotta hustle your ass off if you want to make it.

Just sitting on your ass and wishing for something to happen isn’t going to work.

So hustling is mandatory.

But I’d say you don’t have to hustle like a crazy person to make it either.

The most interesting part about hustling and grinding is what it does to you.

And I don’t mean physically. I’m talking about mentally and emotionally.

Very few who live the hustle life stop to think about how it impacts the other parts of their life.

They only think about the business side of things. Rarely do they spend time on the other side.

And so in this episode, you’ll hear all about the hustle paradox.

The good…

The bad…

And whether or not hustling is right for you.

Oh, and just a little heads up. For some reason, I refer to the word ‘paradox’ in this episode as “paradigm.”  Haha, I don’t know what I was thinking. So every time I say ‘paradigm’ I mean paradox lol.

Listen To The Hustle Paradox Episode Here


Episode Highlights

  • Why hustling is good
  • Why the hustle method has become so popular among entrepreneurs
  • Who is promoting the hustle and grind lifestyle
  • What this lifestyle can do to you mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • What the real underlying reason is that entrepreneurs “over-hustle.”
  • Can you succeed without hustling?
  • How this lifestyle impacts other people
  • Who is this lifestyle TRULY meant for?
  • What exactly is the hustle paradox?
  • What happens at the end of the “hustle.”
  • How hustling will lead to significant unhappiness for one of the biggest promoters of it.
  • How you can succeed without hustling
  • How you can succeed with hustling and not have it hurt you.

Oh, and one last thing about this whole hustlin’ thing…

Just because you hustle, hustle, hustle, hard (lyrics from an Ace Hood song lol) does NOT mean you will be successful with your business and life.

And that is one of the biggest myths about the whole hustle lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you don’t hustle…

You’re not going to see shit for results.

So you’ve gotta hustle, but hustle smart, and not overdo it.

Hence the hustle paradox.