Going through an identity awareness moment, or what others may call an identity crisis is a very interesting experience for entrepreneurs.

Sometimes you hear about these experiences after the fact, but most times you won’t hear about them at all.

That’s because entrepreneurs don’t want to show vulnerability.

Another big reason you don’t hear much about these identity experiences is because…

They’ve built something and are afraid that their identity shift can hurt the business they created.

The original business was built with people who “resonated” with who that entrepreneur was before their identity shift.

After their identity shift, it’s possible a lot of the original audience, customers, and followers may not gel with the “new version” of that entrepreneur.

So there are a lot of fears around that and that’s why you don’t hear much about these experiences with entrepreneurs.

The reality is any sort of identity shift as an entrepreneur can be a scary experience.

But there is always A HUGE awakening and aha moment that happens.

Sometimes there are multiple moments.

It’s kind of like you were looking through an eye hole in the door for your whole life and then when you go through an identity awareness experience…

It’s like the door was just completely opened for you and you can see so much more.

There’s nothing quite like this.

So I’m always on the lookout for entrepreneurs who are open about this and actually talking about it.

I’m especially on the lookout for ones who are in the middle of it.

And that’s exactly where Taryn Landberg is and she’s been very open about it.

The moment I noticed this I reached out and asked if we could do an interview on all of this.

And she said yes.

Just so you know, to have an entrepreneur actually share this experience publicly while they’re in the middle of it is an extremely rare thing.

That’s why I’m so excited to share this interview with her.

So if you want to get a peek into what happens during an identity awareness experience and how incredible it is…

Then you’ll really enjoy this interview with Taryn.

Listen To Taryn’s Interview Here

Episode Highlights

  • What it’s like to be right in the middle of a massive life shift that she’s never felt before.
  • What type of businesses Taryn has been operating.
  • How she got into those businesses.
  • What is an identity awareness experience and why she doesn’t feel it’s an identity crisis.
  • What triggered her identity awareness.
  • What life was like leading up to her aha moment.
  • How she knew something needed to change.
  • What was happening to her prior to her new awareness.
  • Why so much of what she was doing just felt forced.
  • Why she didn’t move into a different direction earlier.
  • What the actual feeling was like when she had her identity awareness moment.
  • What type of fears she has in moving forward.
  • What the next phase of her life is going to be?
  • What her new actual Identity and focus is?
  • How she feels now even after just a couple of weeks of her awareness.
  • What pieces other entrepreneurs should watch out for to see if they’re “stuck.”

And if you want to follow Taryn’s identity awareness journey you can check her out on Facebook.