Want to know how to make the biggest impact? Well, it may surprise you to know that it may not necessarily mean having more money.

In the podcast below you’ll hear about how to leave the greatest contribution so that way you know that life was…

“Worth it.”

I thought about this podcast for a while. In fact, I wondered if the way to leave the biggest impact was what I was thinking.

And sure, having a ton of money can create opportunities and leverage to make that impact, but what I’ve been working with for a while maybe a better way to leave a bigger impact.

As entrepreneurs, we all think of people like Steve Jobs who obviously left a big impact on the word.

But you don’t have to be “Steve Jobs” or do something like him to feel like you made a contribution.

You can still make a massive difference if you understand what we cover in this podcast.

It just comes down to one simple idea. But this idea is something that we are REALLY bad at implementing, and spend very little time working on.

But if we focus more on it…

It can make a massive difference.

So if you really want to know how to make the biggest impact and live a good life, you’re going to want to listen to this.

Listen Here On How To Make The Biggest Impact

Episode Highlights

  • Why the way we think about making the biggest impact may not be true.
  • Why making the biggest impact can start small.
  • How my grandmother made a massive impact without millions of dollars.
  • Why you can have a legacy without having some massive business.
  • Why we don’t choose careers based on fulfillment.
  • Why energy is so important when it comes to impact.
  • What we are really bad at doing and prevents us from a bigger contribution.
  • Why you can work a dead-end job, or have a crap business and still make an impact.
  • Why fulfillment is different than an obsession.
  • The one key element that will make the biggest difference regardless of how much money you have.
  • How to know you’ve actually made a dent in the world.
  • Why following the money is the worst way to leave a legacy.
  • Why so many people have regrets at the end of their life.

Lastly, if you really want to know how to make the biggest impact then you’re going to have to understand what your definition of making and impact really is.

It’s kind of like “success.” Everyone has a different definition of it. So knowing what your definition of “making an impact” actually means will be really helpful in leaving the greatest contribution that you can.