Chasing what you want is the name of the game when it comes to living your ideal life… right?

Well, maybe, just maybe we have to take a second and step back to look at what the “chase” is all about.

If you’re an entrepreneur or high-achiever, you’ve probably got goals. And some pretty lofty ones at that I’m guessing.

And that’s great.  But, are you chasing those goals or are you working towards them in a healthy way?

Whether you realize it or not, there is actually a healthy and unhealthy way to chase what you want.

I know that may sound strange but it’s true. And in this complex, modern world, a good portion of us are chasing what we want in an unhealthy way.

And in this podcast, you’ll hear what the unhealthy way is. You’ll hear what it’s doing to you and most of the other entrepreneurs and high achievers out there.

You’ll also hear what the healthy way is. You’ll understand why it is so backward to us, and why it is so hard to grasp, but it works.

In fact, it’s something I wrestle with on a regular basis.  But understanding what the healthy way is can make life and business so much better.

Rarely do we have anyone ever telling us that what we are chasing is good or bad. Usually, it’s just going H.A.M and take massive action and chase what you want.

But that mindset is actually wreaking havoc in a lot of entrepreneurs and high-achievers.

So it’s time to take a little step back and look at what it’s doing, why it’s doing it, and what to do about it. 

Because in the end, is chasing what you want worth what you can lose in the end?

And in this podcast, you’ll hear the real truth behind all of it.

Listen To The Truth About Chasing What You Want Here

  • Why hard work and hustling is looked at like a badge of honor.
  • What “the chase” actually is.
  • Why you “chase” anything in your life.
  • What are some of the biggest things you go after.
  • What happens when you get what you want after chasing it for so long.
  • What happens when you chase something and never get it.
  • Why there are two different types of “chasing.”
  • What type of “chasing” is good for you.
  • Why the standard version of “the chase” is wrong and causes issues.
  • What the healthier version is.
  • What the real definition of flow is and it’s not what you think.
  • What self-worth, and personal value have to do with chasing something in your life.
  • How to chase something in a way that is healthy and beneficial.
  • What happens when you chase what you want in a healthy way.

One final thought on the whole “chasing what you want” thing. The “chase” is what drives a lot of us.

It’s what motivates us and has us get up every morning. But it’s also the chase that can be tearing your soul apart. 

If tomorrow morning you wake up, and you don’t have to chase what you want, how would you feel?

Would your life feel meaningless, and lacking direction? If so, then it’s worth thinking about what it is you’re actually chasing.