Whether you realize it or not, knowing how to eliminate the noise in your life is probably one of the most important skills you could ever have.

Think about it, every single minute you are awake you are slammed from tv, media, social media, marketers with some sort of information.

At the same time, your mind is flooding you with all sorts of other information, thoughts, feelings, and so on.

It’s pretty friggin’ amazing that we can function with all of the noise that is out there.

Today with the way technology is, the noise is SO MUCH WORSE!!!

And the more we face, the harder and harder it is to eliminate the noise. We start to believe all the noise and it influences us way more than we could even imagine.

Now, on the other side of it imagine you could reduce a lot of the noise. Imagine how much more space and peace you’d have.

And I’m not just talking noise from the outside world, I’m talking’ the internal noise as well.

In this podcast, you’ll hear 5 steps that will explain how to eliminate the noise in your life. 

It’s kind of a system that you can apply to a whole lot of other places in your life as well.

It’s not rocket science either.

It’s pretty simple but it does take some work to get it to stick.

That’s because you’ve spent your whole life getting slammed by the inner and outer noise so that’s all you know. 

It’s never really been a focus to work on eliminating the noise in your life. So just like anything new you’ll have to focus on it and be consistent.

And in case you’re wondering it doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a teacher, in school, or even 8 years old.

Every single one of us is pounded by the noise every single minute of the day.

So knowing how to eliminate it, or even just turn down the dial a bit can make a world of difference.

And in this podcast, you’ll hear the 5 steps that will start doing that for you

Listen Here On How To Eliminate The Noise In Your Life 

Episode Highlights

  • What is the noise?
  • How the noise we face every day came to exist.
  • Why the way we live now creates so much more noise.
  • Why the noise in your life can either lead to success or misery.
  • Why you listen to the noise.
  • The difference between external noise and internal noise.
  • How the external noise impacts your life and decisions.
  • How the internal noise is at war with the external noise.
  • How your internal noise is amplified by the external noise.
  • Why it’s so hard to kill the noise that exists in your life
  • What the most dangerous type of noise is.
  • Why the noise takes up so much space in your life.
  • Who is impacted the most by the noise.
  • The 5 steps you can take to eliminate the noise in your life.
  • What happens when you start to eliminate the noise.
  • Why it’s so hard to silence the noise.
  • How to figure out which noise to actually pay attention to.
  • Why the power of what energizes you is so important.

One final note on this and you’ll hear it in the podcast.   The loudest noise is what you believe to be the most important. But that’s not true at all. Just because it’s the loudest does not mean it should take priority.

Knowing that is a really big piece to understanding how to eliminate the noise in your life.