The coronavirus pandemic is impacting entrepreneurs pretty hard and we’re all hearing that a lot of businesses are struggling.

But what we’re not hearing enough of “yet” is how this is taking a toll on the emotional side of entrepreneurs.

Of course, it’s hard but most entrepreneurs don’t talk about the emotional side of things and how they’ve been feeling.

But every single entrepreneur rides the rollercoaster of emotions during “normal times.” And now that rollercoaster is even crazier and harder to manage.

So it’s taking the mental, physical, and emotional side of things of entrepreneurs to a different level.

Because of this…

I brought in Dustin Maher who runs a successful fitness business to talk about what he’s been going through.

And in this episode, Dustin opens up about how he’s feeling, what happened to the business, and how he’s been managing it all.

On top of that, there’s quite a bit about what he’s done to keep the business going and to move forward during the pandemic.

Right now as much as it seems like X’s and O’s are most important when it comes to strategies to keep businesses going…

It’s just as important to pay attention to the mental and emotional toll that is weighing on business owners.

Usually, that’s where we drop the ball a lot of times.

So I figured it would be good to speak with someone who has been doing some great things during this time but also working through the emotional side of it as well.

Because just like Dustin says in this podcast, there’s comfort in knowing that entrepreneurs are all going through this together.

And so it is important to share this with the hope that this will be helpful.

Because this whole coronavirus pandemic impacting entrepreneurs thing is really putting the hurt on a lot of them.

So if you’d like to hear what Dustin has been doing with his business, and how he’s managing the emotional side of it definitely take a listen.

Listen To Dustin’s Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • How Dustin is feeling emotionally right now and why he’s feeling the way he is.
  • How business is doing right now.
  • How much of a hit the business took because of this pandemic.
  • What programs, strategies, and processes he put in place to manage the business and keep clients.
  • What is working the best right now for him.
  • What his clients are telling him that they want.
  • What type of patterns are emerging from people that they really need right now.
  • What Dustin is doing to handle the emotional and mental side of things.
  • What family life is like right now.
  • Why having other entrepreneurs to talk to is so important.
  • Why being forced to slow down is much harder than expected.
  • What Dustin’s biggest concerns are moving forward.
  • How his employees are helping clients get through everything.
  • Where he sees the future going with the business.

It’s important to remember no matter how much the coronavirus pandemic is impacting entrepreneurs we are all going through it together. It’s OK to feel the way you do.

But make sure you’re NOT burying all of those emotions because that’ll only make things worse in the long run.

And if you need to hear what life and business are like from someone else, check out what Dustin has to say in this podcast.