So today I want to introduce you to a guy by the name of Frank Giannino.

I wanted to bring Frank on the show for a few reasons.

The first reason is, he ran across the U.S. not once but twice. And on the second run, he set a Guinness Record (you can hear how fast he did it in the podcast).

And I wanted to know why and how he did it.

That’s because his runs across are just like running a business. It’s grueling, it’s not a sprint, and there are times that just want to throw in the towel.

So that leads to the second reason I wanted to interview Frank and that is…

Sometimes it’s just really good to hear a great story of overcoming the odds and finding inspiration in that.

That’s because in business and life…

Sometimes we all need something to inspire us when things get a litte bit overwhelming.

And with Frank’s transcontinental run(s) there were some pretty intense challenges.

So finding out why he decided to do it and what got him through it was fascinating.

Now, I know this episode is a little different from the normal ones but it’s one really worth listening to.

Because how many people do you know would decide to something like Frank did, not once, but twice? And in the process setting a record.

Oh, and get this…

He did it 40 years ago without all the fancy training protocols, equipment, and in-depth knowledge that we have today.

So dive into this one with Frank Giannino. You’re gonna Love it.

Listen Here To Frank Giannino’s Episode

Episode Highlights

  • What the actual record was for running across the U.S.
  • How many miles he averaged per day.
  • Why he decided to do it twice.
  • What type of planning went into doing both runs.
  • What type of training he did to prepare.
  • What was his support system like for both runs?
  • What the biggest challenges were that he faced.
  • What got him through those challenges and kept him going.
  • The possible Forrest Gump connection.
  • Why the record lasted for so long and what the new record is.
  • How these runs shaped the rest of his life.

If you want to read up on the full story make sure you pick up Frank’s book on Amazon.

You can also get a free chapter by going to

And if you want to connect with Frank you can find him on Facebook.