Who in their right mind would even think about why right now is the perfect time to quit?

If you’ve gotta business the last you’d want to do is consider quitting, let alone actually doing it.

The whole idea of quitting goes against everything you know… right?

Well, have you ever considered that quitting might actually not be as bad as you think?

For the majority of the world quitting happens way more than it should. A lot of people quit too quickly and easily at even the slightest hint of a challenge.

In the entrepreneurial world it’s a little bit different. Especially for entrepreneurs and business owners who’ve been at it for some time.

The word “quit” isn’t even a consideration most times.

Quitting is looked down upon, and there’s shame associated with it.

The concept of quitting is pretty much the exact opposite in the entrepreneurial world than it is in the “general” world.

That being said…

For entrepreneurs and business owners right now is the best time to quit.

Wait… what???

Yup, there’s no better time than now to quit.

And it can be a really good thing for entrepreneurs if they quit.

I can already hear the grumbling…

“How can you encourage people to quit?”

“That sends the wrong message to entrepreneurs.”

Maybe for some, it does. But for the entrepreneurs discussed in this episode (see below) quitting is the right message.

In fact, I think quitting is a good message to share. Haha, and I know that entrepreneurs are going to not even look at this post or listen to this episode because it mentions that quitting is good.

I get that. Entrepreneurs love the story of triumph and never giving up, and making it through the most challenging times.

And I do too.

But there’s another side to it that doesn’t get discussed much. So that’s what is going to be discussed in the episode below.

Basically, sometimes it’s just good to quit.

For entrepreneurs, it’s hard to even consider it let alone know when to do it.

So that’s what we dive into in this episode. Because as much as quitting has a bad rap it takes more strength for an entrepreneur to quit than to keep going in a lot of cases.

So quitting can be used as a powerful tool in your arsenal and in this episode you’ll see why and how to implement it.

Listen The Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • Why right now is the perfect time to quit.
  • Why quitting has a stigma attached to it.
  • Why it’s so hard for many entrepreneurs to quit.
  • The truth behind why entrepreneurs stick to what they’re doing for so long.
  • How quitting will impact you in a good way.
  • What type of impact quitting will have on your health.
  • How to know exactly when to quit.
  • What will happen to you when you quit and why it’s good.
  • Why quitting right now may be the best thing for employees.
  • Who should quit and who shouldn’t.
  • Why entrepreneurs need permission to quit.
  • How your family, friends, and people close to you will be impacted in a good way by you quitting.
  • How the economics of quitting work.
  • What the pandemic has really done to the business world.
  • Why you are a stronger person if you quit.
  • What happens if you don’t quit and you should.

Again, quitting is not a popular topic in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, it’s looked down upon and often times ignored. But, it’s an important topic to discuss because sometimes it’s good to quit.

And knowing when and how to quit can make a big difference in the future of an entrepreneur.

And as they say the best time to start anything is right now.

Well, right now may also be the perfect time to quit.

And this episode will explain why and the power behind it.