Yeah… quitting gets a bad rap. Of course when you quit, you will never achieve or reach the goals you set up.

Of course when you quit, you’ve given up.

Of course when you quit, all momentum stops.

And in the entrepreneurial world…

When you quit and it’s made public, you’re kinda looked down upon. There’s this stigma that NO MATTER WHAT you must continue.

There’s a stigma that you must NEVER give up.

And you know what.  You shouldn’t.  If you want to achieve the goals you’ve set out then you should never quit.


Quitting is the right option.

Although, that brings in all sorts of questions like…

How do I know when to quit?

Why should I quit?

What happens next when I quit?

These are all good questions.  Ones that don’t get answered too much in our world because quitting gets a bad rap.

So I recorded a short podcast for you that dives into all of this.

You’ll discover all sorts of things interesting topics around quitting.

I’ll answer those questions I mentioned above as well.

Because whether you know this or not, quitting is not as bad as it’s made out to be.  In fact, quitting is a really good thing and I recommend it.

But if you have a dream or big goals with your life, quitting is actually hard.

We don’t think it’s hard since we here the stories of lots of entrepreneurs giving up.  But I bet you that the decision for many of those entrepreneurs to quit…

Was not an easy one.

And so I go all Sherlock Holmes in this podcast and investigate everything around “quitting.”

So check it out.

Why Quitting Gets A Bad Rap


Episode Highlights

  • Why it’s bad to quit.
  • Why NOT quitting is bad.
  • What you should quit.
  • What quitting can actually make better.
  • The connection with not quitting and struggle.
  • What emotional attachment has to do with quitting
  • Should you quit or not?
  • How to know when you should quit?
  • What not quitting can do to you.
  • Why quitting to soon may actually be good for you.

After going through and listening to this, if there’s anything you feel I missed, either comment below, or hit me up on Facebook to let me know.

Either way, keep in mind that quitting gets a bad wrap. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In a lot of situations it’s a good thing. And it’s the kind of thing that can actually change your life for the better.

It did for me