So what if someone walked up to you and asked “do you know your worth?

Or “what are you worth?”

That’d be kinda weird, right?

If it was someone I didn’t know I’d probably be taken back a bit and tell them how weird it is to ask that.

But what I want you to start thinking about is not how much you’re worth financially.

I want you think about how much you’re worth personally.

As in…

What’s you’re self worth.

Because it’s my belief (and you’ll hear about it in this episode) that the biggest issue most of us carry around is that…

“We don’t feel good enough.”

And I can bet a few of you reading this will be saying, ” I don’t have that issue.”

You may be right but you may also not even know you have it.

So I put together this episode to help determine what you’re REAL VALUE is and to give examples of how this shows up in our lives, work, business, and everything else.

When it comes to the business side of things most people don’t talk about this stuff.

If it’s not about leads, money, hustling, or growing a business it gets shoved aside.

But if you want to be happy, if you want to feel fulfilled, knowing how to figure out your REAL VALUE and what you’re truly worth is a good thing to know.

The people who already are show it many ways.

The people who don’t know show it in many ways as well.

Now, I’m gonna let you know there are some hard things to hear about this episode. It’s going to make you look deeper than you’d want.

But if you are into continuing to build a life that is better and better this will be worth it.

So if you want to truly know where you stand and know your worth then have a listen.

Listen To The Episode Here.

Do You Know Your Worth Episode Highlights

  • What and why “not feeling good enough” is the biggest issue is that most of us carry around.
  • How you can tell among different generations that this is the biggest issue.
  • Why so many of us don’t realize this issue.
  • Why money and now “likes and views,” are hard-wired into knowing your worth.
  • Why we don’t realize and believe that this may be an issue.
  • How your life, relationships, business, and pretty much everything can be dictated by this belief.
  • How it impacts not just entrepreneurs but people from everyday life.
  • How fear ties into not feeling good enough.
  • How to see it in others.
  • Two ways to determine your worth and where you’re at.
  • How happiness plays a role in your own self-value.
  • How ego shows up when we don’t feel good enough.
  • Why proving ourselves to others is a sure sign of “lack of self-worth.”
  • Why this issue and limiting belief is rarely addressed.
  • One simple stat that proves you’re “good enough” regardless of how much money you make.
  • Why this has to NOT be sugar-coated.

One last thing I want to leave on with this topic is…

It’s OK if you have this limiting belief. It’s OK if you don’t know your worth.

Hell, I didn’t know for about 35 years. No one told me any of this stuff. No one showed me how to fix it.

And know that you are not alone in any of this. It seems that most people don’t really know their worth and carry this belief around.

So I wanted to put this out there to help with it. Because the day you start to know your worth and realize how important it is…

Is the day things really start to shift.