In this episode we learn how Brian Devlin overcame massive health issues and somehow was still able to build up his software business.

Now that I think about it, trying to build a business when your health sucks is the worst. It’s strange too because…

They say health is the most important thing we have and without it we have nothing?

Well, as entrepreneurs we kinda throw that out the window a lot of times.

In fact, we sacrifice our health to achieve our goals and reach our dreams. Now that I think about it…

There are very few entrepreneurs I can think of that haven’t sacrificed their health in some way for the sake of their business.

But then there are other times when it’s not our own fault. It’s just life throwing us a curveball.

And other times it’s a combination of our own doing and life.

But if your health does go south, you realize really quickly how important it is and how much everything suffers from it. That includes business.

Even if all of your systems are in place, your business can suffer if your health is not doing well.

So for this episode, I was able to speak with Brian on exactly this topic. And I wanted to talk to him about this because he’s been dealing with this for quite a while.

And he didn’t know exactly what was going on which made things even tougher.

So in this interview, we dove into what life was like during this time, how it impacted him, the family, and everything else.

But then we talk about how he turned a corner with it all and we dive into how the software business actually allowed him to function while feeling like crap.

And of course, towards the end we go straight business talk and get into the nuts and bolts of building a software as a service business (SAAS).

But none of it would have continued to grow if he didn’t first begin getting through and figuring out what was wrong with his health.

And in this episode with Brian, you’ll hear about it all.

Listen To The Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • Where Brian is right now after battling for years with serious health issues.
  • What type of health issues Brian was dealing with.
  • Where the health issues came from.
  • How he knew something wasn’t right.
  • What really woke him up to begin taking steps to get better.
  • Why much of the traditional methods were not helping him feel better.
  • What it was like trying to run his business when he could barely function.
  • What continuously motivated him to keep working on his business.
  • What the software business was the perfect model for him.
  • What type of health methods, and practices actually made him feel better.
  • How his business progressed as his health improved.
  • What the turning point was for both his health and his business.
  • The real truth’s about what it’s like to run a software company that marketers won’t tell you.
  • What type of money it will take to start a GOOD software company. 
  • What it takes to run a software company.
  • How you can go about getting started with your own SAAS (software as a service business).
  • Why a SAAS business is not for everyone. 

From personal experience, I can also tell you that building a business when your health sucks… is not fun!!!

When your health has gone down the toilet and you’ve been trying to get it back you’re willing to do almost everything.

And in this episode, it’s really cool to hear how Brian overcame massive health issues to not only build his business, but make it a success.

So make sure you take a listen to this episode.