So what happens when your ego sabotages you?

Interesting question for sure.

For entrepreneurs I believe sometimes we may have a little bit more at risk when our ego really takes over. But the funny thing is, most times we don’t realize our ego is in control.

Only when things aren’t going are way, or things are falling apart do we really start to look at why.

And in this episode of the other side of being an entrepreneur I’ve invited Michael Salvietti to talk about this topic specifically.

Not because he’s an “ego” expert or guru, or anything like that.

But because his story of what his ego led him into, and what it ended up costing him is fascinating. To be honest what Mike shares here is very sensitive and hard to talk about stuff.

8 out of 10 people would never come on here to talk about something like this.

So I’ve gotta give Mike some props. Especially since he knew what he was getting into lol.

With that being said, I’m pretty sure almost every entrepreneur will be able to relate and see elements of their own story in what Mike shares here.

That’s because most times we get ourselves into a bit of trouble in business, our ego is in full control. It’s way more powerful than we realize, and it’s only once we realize how much the ego is controlling things can we start to move in a different direction.

Want to know how much an entrepreneurs ego plays a role?

Well, if you are trying to make money as an entrepreneur, that is your ego at play.

Obviously you have to make cash to survive and live the way you want.  But your ego is a HUGE driver of that.

So to hear what really happens when your ego sabotages you, make sure to listen this episode with Michael Salvietti.

You’ll get a VERY in-depth look at what it can do.


Listen To What Happens When Your Ego Sabotages You?


Michael Salvietti Interview Highlights

  • How Mike started out in business running fitness bootcamps.
  • What his original goals were for his life when he started out.
  • When he decided to take things “bigger.”
  • What focusing on growth did to him.
  • Why he felt the need to continue to grow outside what his original life goals were.
  • How seeing others influenced his business.
  • Why his focus started to waver.
  • What being part of masterminds groups triggered him to do.
  • How he never realized he wasn’t happy.
  • Why he wasn’t able to separate his personal life from the business.
  • Why he moved into a bigger location regardless of all the signs against doing that.
  • Why he was “forcing” everything.
  • Why he never felt successful regardless of how well it was doing.
  • Why he was afraid to ask for help.
  • What the lack of vulnerability did to him.
  • How his health was changing because of his ego.
  • How Mike searched for different ways to avoid the anxiety and loneliness he was feeling.
  • Why he decided to share this story.
  • Why he was afraid to be himself.
  • How much growth he has made in only a few months.
  • How he was able to accept what his ego was doing to him.
  • How his relationship is with his family now.
  • How a guy named Rocco helped him make the shift to a happier life.
  • Where Mike is now.
  • What his self image is like now.

To see more of what Mike is up to visit him on Facebook at

If you have any stories about what happens when your ego sabotages you I’d love to hear them in the comments.