So what are the realities of being an entrepreneur?

Well.. it depends.

According to gurus and marketers it’s all rainbows, and unicorns.

According to real entrepreneurs it can be a bit different.  So I invited Luka Hocevar, a real entrepreneur and fitness professional to explain what the realities of being an entrepreneur are really like.

In this episode Luka not only dives into his story, but he reveals some pretty big revelations about entrepreneurs.

The kind of things that many of them are afraid to admit, and how it’s those pieces of their lives that are actually dictating how they live.

Luka shares where these pieces lie, and how they can go about shifting them to make the positive changes in their lives that they want to make.

Not only that he dives into some elements of why our educational system is not designed to help entrepreneurs succeed, and deal with the emotional roller coaster we face when growing our businesses.

It’s a very honest and open episode and it’s one that you’ll be able to pull out a bunch of really great nuggets from.

So if you are an entrepreneur, or are interested in entrepreneurship definitely check out this episode.


The Realities Of Being An Entrepreneur

Interview Highlights

  • How basketball and fitness saved Luka’s life.
  • Who he was once he left basketball.
  • How he handled his pro career ending.
  • Why people seek significance and how that affects them.
  • How money doesn’t mean much without the important elements in life.
  • The biggest mistake about your purpose.
  • How Luka found his purpose.
  • Why he pushed so hard to get the money he wanted.
  • How this push affected his life and not in a good way.
  • What regrets he holds because of what he’s been through.
  • Why his relationships fell apart.
  • What is the big piece that is missing from entrepreneurs in todays world.
  • What “men” and entrepreneurs are afraid to admit.
  • How your environment growing up can make or break you.
  • What our education system is doing and why it’s hurting us.
  • Why books have been a MASSIVE help for him.
  • The real reason he reads so much.
  • How Luka gets his day rolling for success.
  • What his morning routine is like.
  • What the big bottlenecks are that entrepreneurs face.
  • What entrepreneurs are really afraid of.
  • How there is a massive shift towards working on the internal side of things.
  • How to deal with massive overwhelm.

To learn a bit more about Luka and what he is up to, check him out at

And if you have anything to add to what the realities of being an entrepreneur are like, feel free to leave a comment below.