Who is the real AJ Roberts?

Well, first off…

He’s a pretty cool dude that I’ve known for a while now. He knows his stuff, is very good at what he does, and has been around the entrepreneurial world for more than a few years.

A lot of people in the health and fitness area know him as a 2x powerlifting world record holder as well. Which means he lifted thousands of pounds… Seriously!!!!

But in business he’s been able to do very well for himself. And for others as well.  He’s been a HUGE help to a lot of big name entrepreneurs and marketers.

But with all his success there was a lot of unhappiness.

A lot of deep internal struggles that he went through.  On the outside it seemed like he was on top of the world, but on the inside it was a very different story.

And in my interview with him, we go into ALL OF IT.

You’ll actually get to learn about the real AJ Roberts.  Not just how he was able to set world records, and do very well as an entrepreneur, but also the challenges he faced…

Why he was facing these challenges, and how he overcame them.

But here’s the part I loved about our interview…

The advice he shares!

The way he explained everything was pure gold. I even found myself nodding my head along with a lot of what he had to say.

Oh yeah…

He even ripped open some of the false beliefs and ideas that flood the entrepreneurial world.  Which I thought was VERY interesting. It showed why so many entrepreneurs actually never reveal what is actually going on inside.

His interview just goes to show that no matter how successful someone may be, you never actually know what’s really going on with a person…

And that there is ALWAYS another side to being an entrepreneur.

So if you want to know the real AJ Roberts, and how he was able to achieve what he did and overcome some of the biggest internal obstacles…

Check this out…


The Real AJ Roberts Interview


Aj Roberts Interview Highlights

  • Why Aj retired from powerlifting when he was the best in the world
  • Why he is so extreme with everything he does
  • What balance to him is really about
  • How down and out he actually got
  • How and why he fell into such self destructive spots
  • Why he actually thought about giving up and actually getting a job
  • Why AJ walked away from the partnerships he had
  • Why he’s decided to share the personal stuff
  • What he did to get himself feeling better about himself
  • Why he is now sharing his message even more now
  • Why so many entrepreneurs are actually NOT happy even though they portray that they are.


If you want to know more about the real AJ Roberts make sure you check out his site at www.ajroberts.com

And if you have any comments or questions just leave let me know below